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Customer satisfaction surveys

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Never lose another
customer again

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Enter your email address and we’ll send you a sample email survey. Don’t forget to click a response when it arrives.

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Everyone has time for a 1-click  - customer satisfaction survey

  • You choose - We send OR you send

    Send your own branded email survey or embed our buttons into your own emails coming from Zendesk, Desk, Outlook, MailChimp and more.

  • Respect your customers’ time

    Let your customers rate you by clicking a single button directly from the email. The days of 20 questions are over.

  • Let them respond on any device

    If it carries email, Customer Thermometer works on it. iPhone, Android, tablet, PC…

Email feedback clicks take recipients to branded thank you pages

  • Ask for a comment (optional)

    Your recipients can also leave additional comments. This is optional – you can just say thanks.

  • Customize your page

    Brand your thank you pages & link to your social media outposts too.

  • Add an ad

    Promote your latest offer, content or campaign and add a trackable hyperlink.

Example customer satisfaction survey landing page

Real time, identifiable, non-intrusive customer feedback…

  • No more anonymous feedback

    Respond to individuals and take appropriate action.

    If there’s a problem, intercept it early.

  • Monitor Net Promoter Score™

    Measure NPS™ and see exactly who is happy or disappointed

  • Branded, customizable and simple

    No coding and no designers required. Customize your email survey to suit your brand in under 5 minutes

  • Industry leading response rates

    Traditional customer satisfaction survey average response rates have been quoted as low as 5%. The simplicity of our survey means you get more responses in today’s mobile world. 

Loved by customers all over the world

“CustomerThermometer’s NPS tool has allowed the IT
department to quickly baseline our customer’s loyalty to
IT and retain the result for future comparisons.

The survey has been well received by the
National Leadership Team.

The reporting allows IT to gauge trends in real time. It has
been a simple, well supported and effective tool"

Veronica Frost, CIO,
Australian Red Cross

“It took literally 10 minutes to
implement and immediately
started to deliver valuable results.
I think it’s a huge positive for
both our customers and our team."

"I would absolutely recommend
Customer Thermometer...
It's so important you track how people
are feeling.This is the absolute
best way of doing that!”

"It gives us real-time
feedback and enables us
to respond to that feedback
immediately... so that we can
deliver a better service for
our customers."

"After using other customer
surveys and getting less than
stellar results, we decided to give
Customer Thermometer a try.
Wow! The search is over; our
response rate jumped over 50%"

"It's so 'light touch' and fun
to click, we regularly achieve
response rates of over 85%
It allows us to uncover and fix
any issues in a flash, and
our customers love us for it"

"We cut our attrition rate
in half almost immediately!
Our customers are just not
leaving any more.
It's been phenomenal."

Can I do _______________ with Customer Thermometer?

Can I track who has clicked what?

Email surveys shouldn’t be anonymous!

Can I get alerted by email instantly to unhappy customers?

Take action immediately.

Can I embed feedback buttons into Salesforce, Zendesk and other apps?

Use our Embedded Thermometer mode

Can I publish my results and comments on my site or Facebook?

Use our realtime widgets

Can I customize the page with my brand where I collect comments?

Add your logo, bespoke text and an advert

Can I generate league tables of my best performing staff or team?

Just associate clicks with staff

Can I collect customer comments and see who said what?

Just hit the enable button

Can I measure Net Promoter Score?

Just ask the ultimate question

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