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Never lose another
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Enter your email address and we’ll send you a sample Thermometer email survey. Don’t forget to click a response when it arrives.

(every element you’ll see is customisable)

Who has time for surveys? Everyone, when they’re answered in one click.

  • You choose - We send OR you send

    Customise your own branded email and let us send using your data OR embed our buttons into your 3rd party CRM system or Outlook signature.

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    Respect your customers’ time

    Your customer clicks or taps a single icon on an email. They then get back to what they were doing. The days of 20 questions are over.

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    Let them respond on any device

    A Thermometer email arrives – your customer can click whatever they are doing. Customer Thermometer works on all devices.

Need real time, non-intrusive customer feedback? No problem.

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    No more anonymous feedback

    With Customer Thermometer, you can now respond to individuals and take appropriate action.

    If there’s a problem, intercept it early. Maybe you need to involve the CEO? Or, maybe it’s time to reward the account team.

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    Monitor Customer Happiness Factor

    Our reporting area provides you with your Customer Happiness Factor. Are they happy or disappointed?

    Four possible responses is deliberate. Clicking 5/10 or ‘average’ tells you nothing.

  • Branded, customisable and simple

    No coding and no designers required. Ask your customers any question you want, customize your email to suit your brand and your tone of voice. 

    They click or tap a single response.

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    Industry leading response rates

    Customer satisfaction survey average response rates have been quoted as low as 5% .

    With Customer Thermometer, surveys take as long to delete as they do to answer. As a result, we know of customers getting 80% response rates…

“Your most unhappy customers are your

greatest source of learning” – Bill Gates

Customer satisfaction survey response rate

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