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Our Slack app posts your feedback directly into a Slack channel. You are able to configure what alerts and comments are posted and for what thermometers. Connecting to your Slack Channel From the top navigation, you’ll find a link to Push Options. From that page, there is then a section for Slack. This will authenticate our […]

Guidance for our original Zendesk write-back

Our Zendesk write-back was upgraded in June 2018. If you began using Zendesk Thermometers before that date, then you will be using the original version of our write-back, as detailed below. However, if you are new to Zendesk Thermometers, please see our latest instructions for Writing back responses into Zendesk. If you would like to switch […]

Setting up a Pulseway PSA Thermometer

Create your Pulseway PSA Embedded Thermometer Create a new Embedded Thermometer. Choose “Pulseway” from the i) Embedded Thermometer type drop down box: Customize your Thermometer and Landing pages as required. Generate your embed code Once completed, click the “Generate embed code button”: You will see a window popup. Edit the fields shown below as required. […]

Creating a Zoho Mail Signature Thermometer

Step 1 – create your Zoho Mail signature Thermometer Create a new Embedded Thermometer. Choose “Basic HTML” from the i) Embedded Thermometer type drop down box: [ht_message mstyle=”alert” title=”” show_icon=”true” id=”” class=”” style=”” ]Ensure “Prompt for email address” is enabled.[/ht_message] When you’re happy with your setup – you can then add your Thermometer to your Zoho […]

Setting up a Kustomer CRM Thermometer

Create your Embedded Thermometer Create a new Embedded Thermometer. Choose “Kustomer” from the i) Embedded Thermometer type drop down box. Next, enter your Kustomer sub-domain name. If your Kustomer URL is, Enter acmewidgets in the box: This will allow direct links back to Kustomer conversation threads, from within your Customer Thermometer reporting screens. Customize […]

Setting up a SolarWinds MSP Manager Thermometer

With the 3.4 release of MSP Manager, notifications are now customizable, allowing Customer Thermometer 1-click surveys to be added. Step 1: Create your Embedded Thermometer [ht_message mstyle=”info” title=”” show_icon=”true” id=”” class=”” style=”” ]A tighter integration with additional features is coming soon.[/ht_message] Create a new Embedded Thermometer. Choose “Basic HTML” from the i) Embedded Thermometer type […]

Asking multiple questions

Customer Thermometer exists to get you amazing response rates and great feedback from as many customers as possible on a regular basis. When we created our business back in 2010, we had one mission in mind, to combat survey fatigue. Even back then, people were becoming tired of lengthy surveys. Customer Thermometer revolutionised the industry […]

Privacy and data protection

Customer Thermometer prides itself on its security, privacy and data protection. You can find our security statements here. You can find our privacy policy here. Our statements around GDPR (UK only) are here.

Setting up an Atera Thermometer

Create your Atera Embedded Thermometer Create a new Embedded Thermometer. Choose “Basic HTML” from the i) Embedded Thermometer type drop down box. Generate your embed code Click the Generate embed code button. You will see a window popup. Add the Atera fields you want to be able to report satisfaction data against: We’ve included some example […]

Integrating with other systems

Customer Thermometer works as a survey plugin with 40+ different systems and apps. We hear of new systems on an almost daily basis and work hard to ensure customers can use the service, regardless of whether we have a formal integration published. How to tell if Customer Thermometer can work with your system At its […]

7 Inspiring Customer Experience Podcasts

As we start to gear up towards Forrester’s CX NYC event this month, we’ll be writing a mini-series on all things Customer Experience. Podcasts have gained renewed popularity, largely due to the breadth of topical information that’s available and the convenience of the podcast format. You can find podcasts on everything from chickens to childcare […]

Likert Scale Examples, Questions & What You Need to Know

Likert scales are rating scales often used in customer surveys. This form of rating scale is named after its inventor, psychologist Rensis Likert. A Likert scale is a psychometric scale that’s effectively used to assess the opinions, attitudes and experiences of customers regarding brands, products and services. Likert scales offer survey respondents the opportunity to […]

CX NYC 2019 Conference – our top picks

The agenda for the imminent Customer Experience NYC 2019 conference is now available from the website. Here’s our breakdown of what’s taking place. (And don’t forget that this is your opportunity to come and say hello to us as we have a Customer Thermometer booth at this year’s event!) Pre-Forum Options The main conference takes […]

How MasteryPrep is raising the bar in feedback excellence

College prep is a serious business, especially in the US. However, only one in four students score college-ready on the ACT (The ACT is a standardized test used for college admissions in the United States) For low-income and minority students, the gap is even worse. It’s a market that was ripe for innovation, which is […]

When to Send a Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer satisfaction survey response rates are influenced by a multitude of factors, many of which we’ve discussed previously. One of the most important is timing. The day of the week, the time of the day along with the time delay between the event or interaction that is being surveyed and when the survey is received […]

Enterprise Feedback Management – What You Need to Know

Today’s customers and clients interact with businesses, organizations and suppliers via multiple channels. Email, telephone, social media, online forms, knowledge bases, customer portals, SMS text, online chat, mobile apps and face-to-face – are all used for customer feedback and interaction. In addition people leave online reviews and widely exchange and share opinions on forums and […]

Customer Thermometer wins Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade

23 April 2019: Customer Thermometer, a leading provider of customer feedback solutions, has received one of the most esteemed business accolades in the UK – a Queen’s Award for Enterprise. It won in the category International Trade in recognition for its exporting success and international trading strategy. Customer Thermometer’s 1-click email feedback solution is helping the […]