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Getting creative with Customer Thermometer’s email alerts

Recently, we added Green and Gold email alerts to Thermometers, which meant that for the first time, our customers could be notified in real time via email whichever response was received. Previously, we felt real time notifications of disappointed alerts only, made sense. Things have changed recently and we can see the potential of connecting Customer Thermometer […]

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How to use Customer Thermometer to motivate staff

We speak to a lot of customers about how they’re using the tool to measure and monitor their staff performance. Customer satisfaction and staff performance of course go hand in hand. At first glance, Customer Thermometer might appear to be a “big brother” tool when it comes to monitoring performance but the reality is entirely the […]

The one thing you need to scale personal support

It’s hard to believe the way businesses used to tack on customer service to their products as an afterthought. It was as if to brazenly say, “We know you’re not going anywhere.” It seems that’s the only thing they knew for sure. Unfortunately, when it comes to the details that really matters, these companies are […]

We’re proud to announce our new billing system

For the last 3 months we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to build a brand new billing system, to make our customers’ lives simpler. The system will go live during Sunday 8th March and new customers will immediately be able to take advantage of the simple new checkout and self-service invoicing. Existing customers will […]

Customer Thermometer launches Connectwise customer surveys

Customer demand has driven our next integration as ever. We’ve had a number of customers using Connectwise for a while with Customer Thermometer and so last week, we released our ConnectWise customer survey Embedded Thermometer. Customers can now generate feedback buttons and add them to their ConnectWise outbound emails in just seconds. Yesterday, we were […]

How to remotely trigger an Email Thermometer using Zendesk

Ever since our release of Embedded Thermometers, customers have been embedding our feedback buttons in to 3rd party applications, such as Zendesk support threads to find out how their customers are feeling. Nothing changes there. Sometimes, that’s not appropriate. Every business has different processes and ways in which they want to interact with customers. Our […]

How to create an award winning customer service ethos

Last year I wrote a review of Paradisus Playa del Carmen La Esmeralda, an exceptional all inclusive resort in Mexico. As a family we fight against going back to the same place, however unfortunately (!) we lost the battle and went back for a 10 day vacation and returned last week. With my personal focus […]

Using GoodData with Customer Thermometer & Zendesk

With so many of our customers using the service to enhance Zendesk’s satisfaction ratings, we’ve been asked the question on how advanced users could analyse Customer Thermometer ratings data, using the amazing GoodData analytics tool. To help customers get started, we’ve produced a short demo, which shows the fundamentals. Before we go any further, we’d […]