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Customer Thermometer releases v2.06

2016 has seen a lot of work going on behind the scenes at Customer Thermometer HQ. This is our 3rd release of the year so far – with lots more planned. Our intention is to release regular enhancements throughout the course of the year – all of which are based on your feedback. Whilst we […]

Things that turbo-boosted my 2015

Things that turbo-boosted my 2015 – thoughts from our CEO and founder, Lindsay Willott Well… wow. 2015 was an incredible year. Customer Thermometer has tripled in size. We’ve added hundreds of new customers, including two of the world’s largest social sharing sites, and three of the world’s top 30 most valuable brands. We’ve released an […]

Customer Thermometer releases 2.04

Happy New Year to all of our customers and trialists. In the first of a number of releases scheduled for the first half of 2016, we’re pleased to announce that version 2.04 went live a short time ago. There’s a summary of what’s new below: Dashboard date picker Following the release of the account-wide dashboard […]

How to survey randomly

How to generate random Lists for Email Thermometer Blasts Put in another way, how to survey randomly using Customer Thermometer ? We’ve been asked this a number of times and thought it was time to address it. We strive to keep the app simple and because it’s not something that would be used by the majority […]

Getting creative with Customer Thermometer’s email alerts

Recently, we added Green and Gold email alerts to Thermometers, which meant that for the first time, our customers could be notified in real time via email whichever response was received. Previously, we felt real time notifications of disappointed alerts only, made sense. Things have changed recently and we can see the potential of connecting Customer Thermometer […]

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How to use Customer Thermometer to motivate staff

We speak to a lot of customers about how they’re using the tool to measure and monitor their staff performance. Customer satisfaction and staff performance of course go hand in hand. At first glance, Customer Thermometer might appear to be a “big brother” tool when it comes to monitoring performance but the reality is entirely the […]

Customer Thermometer releases v2.03

Today sees some very cool additions to Customer Thermometer. Gold and green email alerts You asked, we built! You can now choose the combination of alerts that suit you. No longer will you be alerted to just reds and yellows, but you can also choose golds and greens, or any combination of them. In addition, you’ll now see […]

Why Customer Thermometer uses a 4 point response scale

We sometimes get questions from customers who ask why we settled on a 4 point response scale and why we don’t offer a mid-point ‘average’ option. When we explain it, most conversations end positively. We thought it would make sense to spell out our rationale publicly and explain why we don’t ‘do average’! Introduction Customer Thermometer provides […]

Customer Thermometer v2.0 released today

Customer Thermometer was conceived 5 years ago last week. We’ve been on quite a journey. To celebrate, we wanted to release something big – and that’s exactly what we’ve just done. We’re calling this release 2.0, because it is a major milestone and a huge step forward in the customer satisfaction monitoring functionality we now […]