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Customer Thermometer launches tablet surveys

Most people are familiar now with seeing in-store feedback requests on till receipts… “Go to this URL, we’ll enter you into a prize draw etc… and it’ll only take 5 minutes.” If you’re anything like the team here at Customer Thermometer, the chances are unless you’re really upset, you’re very unlikely to spend time entering […]

Enhanced Zendesk integration released

As promised in our coming soon post a few weeks back, after extensive testing, we’re delighted to announce an even tighter integration between Zendesk and Customer Thermometer. Whether you’re already a Zendesk user, or considering becoming one, this feature is definitely for you and changes the game as far as feedback and ratings are concerned […]

Salesforce customer satisfaction surveys are now available

As part of our continuing set of updates, we’re now proud to announce that you are now able to use Customer Thermometer to generate Salesforce customer satisfaction surveys. For a couple of years now, we’ve had customers using the service with Salesforce.com – and using our API to trigger Email Thermometers to customers at certain […]


Moonfruit recommends Customer Thermometer

Moonfruit is one of the world’s largest website / shop building services. The company is passionate about customer “happiness”. With millions of websites under management, Moonfruit support is a big job, with a large team in place to ensure customers get great support, first time via the Zendesk support system. The team is kept under […]