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CMI setting the bar for MSP helpdesk support

NewCMI Ltd, known simply as CMI, has become renowned in the UK for helping businesses to grow through innovative IT and dependable support. The company has enjoyed phenomenal growth – it now boasts 100+ employees and a client base of 400+ companies across the financial services, manufacturing and professional services sectors. Key to CMI’s growth […]


10 Customer Success Webinars

Webinars are a succinct and easy way to find out more about a topic that might otherwise seem a bit daunting! We think customer success – which is becoming increasingly pertinent – is just the type. You might already know about customer satisfaction, or customer experience, but it’s time to get up to speed with […]


15 Event Survey Questions and Template

Organising a successful event takes planning, experience and investment. Whether your event is a social occasion, a fundraiser, a conference or maybe a training session, you want your attendees to have a great experience that they will share with their friends and colleagues. Event surveys are intended to derive feedback from people regarding a specific […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Using Emoji in Surveys and Business Communication

Can you believe it’s been a mere seven years since emoji hit the mainstream? Billions are now being sent each day, with all ages universally embracing the ability to add images to their written communications. Here at Customer Thermometer, emoji, emoticons, icons and feedback symbols are our business. We pride ourselves on being the ‘Instagram […]

Feedback Frenzy

One of the most interesting conversations we’ve heard regarding the feedback economy came from The Bottom Line radio show and podcast on BBC Radio 4. The proliferation of review sites like TripAdvisor and TrustPilot (often called the ‘Feedback Frenzy’) has altered the relationship between business and consumer; brand names are less influential now that we […]

How to Create a Training Survey

Training surveys are becoming increasingly common in the workplace, making professional development a more rounded and thorough process. Be it a training needs assessment or a post-training effectiveness survey, asking employees for feedback is a win/win: find out what is really worth investing in for the best outcome, while also leaving your team feeling more […]

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How to Assess Employee Engagement Using Simple Surveys

It’s natural to focus on how our customers regard us and our business, but how much attention are we paying to how our employees feel? Employee engagement can be easily overlooked with the numerous priorities facing us, but we really should know how valued our teams feel and how involved they are in their day-to-day […]


Outlook 365 Survey Add-in Released by Customer Thermometer

Customer Thermometer launches on the Microsoft Add-in store; market-first 1-click Outlook 365 survey for signatures. Customer Thermometer, the market leader in 1-click customer feedback solutions, is delighted to announce its 1-click signature survey is now available on the Microsoft 365 Add-in store. This new Outlook 365 survey add-in, downloadable straight from the Microsoft Add-in Store, is […]


20 Great Customer Experience Quotes

There are many good customer experience quotes around due to it being a key topic of discussion for a while now, and for good reason. We know that good customer service is more important than ever, with businesses who don’t prioritize it not only losing out on customers’ patronage and often gaining a bad reputation. […]