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A bit of sparkle and shine

We’re delighted to reveal to you our updated app interface today! We’ve been working hard to bring beautiful new changes to the Customer Thermometer interface we all know and love. We wanted to bring it into line with the new survey builder wizard we launched a few months back. We also wanted to reflect the […]

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5 Excellent Customer Success Books to Read

If you are a regular reader of the Customer Thermometer blog you will know that we are avid readers. We love discovering new perspectives from insightful authors who often provide alternative, thought provoking viewpoints. We are constantly on the lookout for great titles to add to the Customer Thermometer library and in this post I […]

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What’s the relationship between Customer Success, Customer Service and Customer Experience?

In today’s increasingly competitive markets we all know that businesses need to pay special attention to their customers to foster valuable loyalty and keep up with ever changing demands. Great customer service is widely recognised as just one of the key customer experience factors influencing brand loyalty, but customer success must also be acknowledged as […]

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Why service is the lifetime value of your product

It used to be received wisdom that ‘a good product speaks for itself’. You don’t hear that so much nowadays. Why? Because the product alone contributes a diminishing proportion of the overall lifetime value from each customer. It certainly helps to have a great product at the heart of your proposition. What I’m saying is […]

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Subscribed: Book Review

I’ve rarely been more fired up to write a book review for our blog than the moment I finished Subscribed: Why the Subscription Model Will Be Your Company’s Future – and What to Do About It by Tien Tzuo, Founder and CEO of Zuora. For several months I’ve been grappling with the best ways to express […]

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Retailer Lands’ End shares its success using Customer Thermometer

“We have been completely blown away by the results of using Customer Thermometer. In the first 3 months, we had x6 times the number of responses we hoped for. Not only that, the customer satisfaction level is awesome – a real validation for the efforts of all our staff. Over 91% of customers have given […]

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3 customer support teams of the future

The truly great sports teams don’t just get great results. They each have their own unique character that inspires loyal fans. They set standards for the next generation to beat. And what about the acclaimed teams from TV and film like Ocean’s Eleven, The A-Team and Ghostbusters? All feature their own blend of skills and […]

Customer Thermometer Wins Gold at 2019 Stevie Awards

26 February 2019, Oxford, UK: Customer Thermometer, a market leader in survey solutions, has scooped the Gold accolade at the 2019 Stevie Awards for Customer Service Department of the Year (Computer Software – Up to 100 Employees). It beat off stiff competition, with 14 companies picking up a silver award and 10 companies getting a […]

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Customer Service and Satisfaction Statistics for 2019

Customer experience and delivering high levels of customer satisfaction is now the top priority for all forward-thinking businesses. Customers are no longer basing their loyalty on brands, products and prices. Their loyalty is far more dependent upon the service they receive, their experience of a business and their level of satisfaction. Here we’ve collated some […]

A sneak preview of the new book Helpdesk Habits

Today we’re delighted to bring you a guest post from Mark Copeman, one of CT’s original founders, as he launches his new book, Helpdesk Habits, a business book which aims to help Service and Help Desks to operate at the top of their game. It also features an intro from Jonathan Blakey, CIO of CT client, […]

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Measurable Customer Service Goals with Examples

Nobody would argue that customer service and support isn’t vitally important. Customers will not repeatedly purchase products or services from a business that has failed them in some way. Customer loyalty, these days, is greatly influenced by all of the interactions that customers have with a company, before and beyond the initial purchase. Excellent Customer […]