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Customer Thermometer releases version 1.8

The team are proud to announce the release of Customer Thermometer 1.8, which went live across all of our customer accounts tonight, UK time. Embedded Thermometers Over the last month we’ve slowly been testing with live customers our new Embedded Thermometer functionality. From today, if you hold a Jumper account or above, you will be […]

10 reasons to use Customer Thermometer as a Zendesk satisfaction ratings alternative

Whilst Zendesk has its own satisfaction rating feature, we know it doesn’t answer every Zendesk user’s needs. Today we are delighted to announce Customer Thermometer is now available  as a Zendesk satisfaction ratings alternative app for your Zendesk tickets. Here are our top 10 reasons to start using the power of Customer Thermometer satisfaction ratings […]

A guide to running ISO customer satisfaction surveys

Achieving compliance with ISO 10002, (customer satisfaction), no matter how big or small your company, calls for: an open, effective and easy-to-use process a customer-focused environment open to feedback running a customer satisfaction survey at least once per year ensuring that those survey results drive improvements in the business. This all makes sense – the […]

Zendesk survey integration from Customer Thermometer

We’re pleased to announce a Zendesk survey integration from Customer Thermometer. The helpdesk manager of a very large company, currently using Zendesk to manage tickets, contacted us a few months back. He wanted to add the power of the Customer Thermometer application to his helpdesk process. He wanted the two applications tightly integrated; specifically so that at the bottom […]

Sensing customers around the world

I’m sure the majority of our readers, customers and trialists will be familiar with the power of Google Analytics – Google’s tool for measuring website traffic statistics. We’ve always been a big believer in the phrase “if you can’t measure it, you can’t fix it” and so rely on Google Analytics to figure out how […]

Customer Thermometer 1.7.1 launches more fabulous features

Customer Thermometer survey app launches more fabulous 1-click survey features Hi – it’s the Customer Thermometer team once again excited to bring you yet more functionality we hope will make your lives even easier when using the service. Unsubscribes As I’m sure you’ll know as a user of the service, until today, our unsubscribe functionality […]