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Happy employees make happy customers – it’s official

We’ve suspected it for a while, but now it’s official. Happy employees do make happy customers. This link was first studied in the mid-80’s, but it’s never been more important than today. In our second edition of Customer Thermometer TV, our co-founder Mark Copeman talks to the Managing Director of Performance equations, Joe Espana about […]


Customer experience ideas in 2 minutes: Fastpass (Disney)

Want some customer experience ideas? Fastpass was introduced at Disney parks in 1999 (though, according to Wikipedia, the idea of a ride reservation system was first introduced in world fairs), Fastpass allows guests to “reserve” a time to ride a particular attraction, so they can go and do other things rather than waiting in line. The service is available at no […]

Customer experience ideas in 2 mins: the welcome book

Customer Experience Ideas Welcome to the first in Customer Thermometer’s “2 minute CEM” – ideas you can quickly implement to improve the experience of your customers. For our first idea, we’ve taken inspiration from one of the gurus of customer service, Dr Paddi Lund. He came up with the idea of creating a welcome book […]

Duct Tape Marketing recommends Customer Thermometer

(UPDATED – 15 June 2011) John Jantsch has always been a bit of a hero of ours here at Customer Thermometer for his Duct Tape Marketing philosophy of practical small business marketing tools and techniques. Theory is one thing, but there’s nothing better than sound advice on the ‘doing’. John is now a Customer Thermometer […]

Client satisfaction surveys:
should you do them?

Why are customer satisfaction surveys important? The eternal question for marketing, PR and similar services agencies is, “should we or shouldn’t we undertake a client satisfaction survey programme with our clients?” What are the pros and cons of surveying? Supporters argue, how can we improve if we don’t know whether clients are really happy with our work? Detractors say: Don’t surveys […]

Does your heart sink too? Ours does.

We would love to know your thoughts on this no doubt familiar situation… You’re working away and an email comes in from a brand you know, trust and actually quite like… You see the word “survey” and your heart sinks. You’re a decent human being though. You’re loyal to the brand and think I’ve a […]


What Generation Y wants from customer service

What Generation Y wants from customer service? We are delighted to post this fascinating interview with leading futurist and strategist Dr Graeme Codrington. In it, he discusses with our co-founder Mark, his views on what Generation Y wants from customer service and how businesses need to respond. As Dr Codrington says in our interview “Generation […]