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5 reasons online customer satisfaction surveys don’t work

Online customer satisfaction surveys don’t work. There’s a survey response rate crisis and customer experience professionals need to be aware of the 5 drivers causing it. Here’s why… 1. Online surveys don’t drive service improvement. This week, HR Magazine released a survey which said customer service teams are “measuring what’s easy.” It called for companies to change […]

Customer Thermometer releases v1.2

New features to send feedback better In a new release of Customer Thermometer this evening, we’re delighted to announce new functionality in response to customer feedback (and we’re pretty good at listening to that, as you might imagine!) The last couple of months has involved all kinds of testing and development and we’re pleased to […]

It’s how you fix a mistake that counts…

Every business makes mistakes. But mistakes don’t affect client retention as much as you might think. In fact, many surveys show that clients who’ve experienced poor service or mistakes can actually be more loyal in the long run provided the business has gone above and beyond to fix it. The big problem for many businesses, […]

Customer Thermometer API plans announced

Customer Thermometer API is coming soon! After a successful launch and the onboarding of our first customers, the question has come up sooner than we thought: “Does Customer Thermometer have an API? Can we integrate our customer contact data, which is held in online databases?” Well the answer is soon going to be – “Yes!” […]

Tom Peters on customers

Yesterday I downloaded a PDF by the wizard who is Tom Peters. It takes the form of short, punchy dictats and I love it because it’s very fresh, very actionable and provides the kick up the proverbial that we all need from time to time to get on and do. Ignore him at your peril. The […]

Useful customer service stats: roundup

take a look at this customer experience & customer service statistics Forrester, Primeperformance and others have released interesting stats this week that back up the need to proactively seek and then quickly respond to your customers’ feedback: 88% of US banking customers remembered being thanked for their business 81% of respondents who said a company’s problem resolution […]

Why retention is the new loyalty

Customers pay the bills and without them you’re dead in the water. But in the relentless endeavour to add more customers into the funnel, are you actually ignoring your biggest area for growth in revenue and profit…your existing customers? Here are just a few stats from Gartner, Bain & Co and others: Repeat customers spend 33% more […]