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The lost art of speaking to customers

Social media’s going mainstream, allowing people to communicate more cheaply. Everyone’s offshoring and outsourcing and driving down call center costs. And customer service is suffering hugely as a result. The impenetrable corporate monolith has become the defacto standard. Those doing it differently are so rare you can count them on a few fingers… and they’re always […]

Shut that door, your horse has bolted

Isn’t “managing your online reputation” somewhat shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted? If someone’s so annoyed by your company or service that they want to give up some of their time to warn others about you online, it strikes me that you could have tried harder to stop it getting to that point in […]

If we could do one thing better for you…?

Why Asking For Customer Feedback? I had lunch with a friend recently who was involved in improving the customer service of one of the world’s largest car parts companies. She told me that one of the most powerful things they did was to ask all their customer service agents to ask customers who rang in […]

Don’t fear the reaper… I mean customer

Sage business advice from Blue Oyster Cult. You shouldn’t fear the customer. If you separate the process of gathering customer feedback from the emotions bound up with any complaints you receive then life gets an awful lot easier. Look at the advantages of soliciting feedback from all your customers. Customer feedback is: – a major opportunity […]