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10 Inspirational TED Talks

Since 2006 TED talks have been offered online for free from TED.com. The acronym ‘TED’ stands for Technology, Entertainment, Design and was originally conceived by Richard Saul Wurman way back in 1984 as a conference. Back then the focus was toward technology and design, reflecting the Silicon Valley origins of the organisation and the slogan […]

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How to create a customer satisfaction survey that people will actually want to fill in

Understanding how satisfied your customers or clients are with your product or service is invaluable. This information can help you improve the entire customer journey, from the moment they visit your site or store, through to the aftercare they receive. However, just throwing together a customer satisfaction survey and hoping people will fill it in […]

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How to create a satisfaction survey in 2019

It’s never too late to tune-up your customer satisfaction tactics. And when it comes to satisfaction surveys, 2019 is going to demand some new thinking so that your organization gets maximum value from its customer insights. We’ve taken the longview on emerging trends and industry developments that should influence how you word, send and time […]

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30 Customer Survey Response Rate Facts

We are in the midst of rapid and radical technological and social change. These changes are having an enormous impact on the ways in which customer surveys are conducted, response rates achieved and customer expectations. Here’s our latest compilation of customer survey response rate facts which will help you understand and keep pace with these […]

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How Vanarama responds to customer feedback in real time

Vanarama is the UK’s largest van leasing broker, with nearly 250 staff selling 1,200+ vehicles per month. It is one of the Sunday Times Best Small Companies to Work For and is a National Business Award winner for Best Small to Medium-Sized Business (which recognises Vanarama’s commitment to training, customer service and innovation). Jon Gilbert […]

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PLATF9RM talks co-working customer satisfaction

Co-working, shared office spaces seem to be springing up everywhere. The good ones are designed to cater for entrepreneurs, remote workers and freelancers searching for a vibrant working environment. The very best – like PLATF9RM in Brighton and Hove, UK – combine a great working atmosphere with being ecosystems of talent and ideas. Here, one […]

8 Free Email Signature Templates for 2019

Your email signature is an integral part of your branding. It’s something that will be seen by everyone, from suppliers through to potential customers. With this in mind, it’s imperative that your email signature catches the eye – but how? We have rounded up some of the best free email signature templates for you to […]

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Customer Thermometer’s Slack integration is here!

We are thrilled to announce our wonderful Slack integration today. Connecting Customer Thermometer and Slack couldn’t be easier. It’s simply a matter of clicking the button to connect the two, and then choosing which thermometers you’d like feedback sent into Slack from. Feedback is then instantly Slacked into the channel of your choice, as always, […]

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18 Best Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions & Templates for 2019

Delighted customers will become your biggest promoters; there’s no denying that. However, how can you ensure every single customer is more than happy with your product or service? The answer is quite simple: ask them. Customer satisfaction surveys will help you monitor and analyze every aspect of the customer journey; from their experience with your […]