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Ask bland questions? You’ll get pointless results.

I recently met with a large residential cleaning company. They had been running an online customer satisfaction survey every year for 3 years and wanted to find a new way of doing things. In the spirit of co-operation, they shared their survey findings with me. What immediately struck me was – even though they asked dozens of questions – […]


Why don’t people complain?

Do you know why people complain so little? In Episode 3 of Customer Thermometer TV, Mark Copeman interviews Guy Winch Psychologist and author of “The Squeaky Wheel: Complaining the Right Way to Get Results, Improve Your Relationships, and Enhance Self-Esteem.” He’s therefore the perfect person to be talking to about this particular subject. Mark talks […]

Customer experience ideas in 2 mins: the welcome book

Customer Experience Ideas Welcome to the first in Customer Thermometer’s “2 minute CEM” – ideas you can quickly implement to improve the experience of your customers. For our first idea, we’ve taken inspiration from one of the gurus of customer service, Dr Paddi Lund. He came up with the idea of creating a welcome book […]

Client satisfaction surveys:
should you do them?

Why are customer satisfaction surveys important? The eternal question for marketing, PR and similar services agencies is, “should we or shouldn’t we undertake a client satisfaction survey programme with our clients?” What are the pros and cons of surveying? Supporters argue, how can we improve if we don’t know whether clients are really happy with our work? Detractors say: Don’t surveys […]

Feedmyapp.com features Customer Thermometer

Our Survey app has been reviewed! We’re delighted today to find that the cool folks over at Feedmyapp – one of the best web 2.0 directories on the Internet has featured the coolest customer satisfaction survey tool on the Internet… Customer Thermometer… Watch out for us on other sites soon…

5 reasons online customer satisfaction surveys don’t work

Online customer satisfaction surveys don’t work. There’s a survey response rate crisis and customer experience professionals need to be aware of the 5 drivers causing it. Here’s why… 1. Online surveys don’t drive service improvement. This week, HR Magazine released a survey which said customer service teams are “measuring what’s easy.” It called for companies to change […]

Tom Peters on customers

Yesterday I downloaded a PDF by the wizard who is Tom Peters. It takes the form of short, punchy dictats and I love it because it’s very fresh, very actionable and provides the kick up the proverbial that we all need from time to time to get on and do. Ignore him at your peril. The […]

Why retention is the new loyalty

Customers pay the bills and without them you’re dead in the water. But in the relentless endeavour to add more customers into the funnel, are you actually ignoring your biggest area for growth in revenue and profit…your existing customers? Here are just a few stats from Gartner, Bain & Co and others: Repeat customers spend 33% more […]

Why crowdsourcing customer feedback doesn’t always work

Crowdsourcing customer feedback Crowdsourcing, the concept of giving a task to a crowd to complete (most often using online tools) has been around for 4 years now, and has recently spawned the term ‘communitysourcing’. Communitysourcing takes crowdsourcing one step further – where your immediate community is the best place to generate ideas, and that they should also […]