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Top tips for beautiful landing pages

Customer Thermometer captures feedback from buttons you can embed in emails you send from almost any system. But they are not the only clever part of the app! Once your customer has clicked to give feedback they are taken to a landing page where they can leave a comment. You can set these pages up […]

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41 customer feedback examples

Most organizations would do anything for that extra ounce of customer feedback. The added insights that sharpen competitive advantage and ensure they remain as relevant as possible in a changing world. The good news is that there are many ways of getting hold of customer feedback. And you can use it to improve your products, […]

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6 Hallmarks of Ace Customer Feedback Response

In the heat of battle, customer service professionals want the best tools for the job. But even the best tool needs to be applied in exactly the right way for any given situation. It may look and feel instinctive in the hands of the experts, but behind it all is a plan. Once you’ve evaluated […]

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Customer survey challenge

Take the Customer Survey Challenge Benchmark your current approach against CSAT survey best practice To improve your customer surveys, remove biases and get bigger response rates, you need to understand where you’re currently at. This self-audit survey checklist will help you quickly analyze and score where you stand against customer survey best practice, with tips […]

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Pan Pac ‘Logs’ Support Satisfaction Monitoring

Pan Pac Forest Products Ltd is New Zealand’s leading specialist in sustainable forest products, processing 1.5 million tonnes of logs per year into pulp, lumber and cut logs. Managing forests, felling trees and processing thousands of tonnes of wood takes considerable heavy industry. But that hasn’t stopped Pan Pac from making extensive use of digital […]

A smiley face survey template

Surveys are changing! With communications becoming more visual, and the dramatic rise in “emotion” based feedback, you may need a smiley face survey template to help you get better customer feedback. Did you know… As few as 2% of consumers will bother to complete a questionnaire An estimated 40%+ of all online surveys are completed on a […]

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7 Stats To Make You Think Differently About Your Customer Feedback Process

How your customer feedback process can keep up with tech trends Comprehensive new research from Ofcom shows how tech behaviors in Western society have changed in the last 10 years. It’s an illuminating picture of the UK consumer market, whose trends can easily be seen at work globally. At its heart is a story of […]

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How customer feedback drives the Glossier phenomenon

We are honored to count the wonderful makeup and skincare brand Glossier as one of our customers. We are constantly inspired by their customer experience approach, and have researched various interviews, articles and consumer posts to bring you the 4 key aspects of how they deliver service that keeps customers raving (and coming back). Glossier […]

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3 great short customer satisfaction surveys

Short customer satisfaction surveys are popping up all over the place. They help brands continually check the pulse of customer satisfaction and gain targeted, real-time feedback on products and services. It’s a far cry from how customer surveys used to be operated: As many as 100 questions, sometimes even more, in a single survey Sent […]

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Employee survey question ideas

What it takes to get employees to answer your surveys Understanding the customer is central to maximizing sales revenue, keeping your offering relevant and generally optimizing success. So is understanding your own team. But while surveys have a clear role in business performance by capturing and acting upon the authentic voice of the customer, organizations […]

Turn Service into a Revenue Center

A Guest post from Kustomer In the past, customer service was seen as an overhead cost, a necessary price to pay to keep customers happy. The arrival of new digital technologies have changed that, making it easier than ever to understand customer preferences and behavior. Now you can track the financial impact of your customer service efforts, […]

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How Hivelocity delivers ultimate customer centricity

When data center provider Hivelocity started out in a Tampa basement in 2002, most competitors in the server hosting industry were leading their go-to-market message with speeds and feeds rather than customer service. Today, with 70,000 square feet of data centre space across Florida, Georgia, New York and California, its founding decision to major on […]