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Forrester CX Index 2018 – Key Takeaways

Positive customer experience makes your customers happy, appreciated and respected. And happy customers are the best marketers as they share their positive experiences with their friends, family and social circles. Customer experience (CX) can be broadly defined as the emotions that your customers experience at every touchpoint with your organisation. These combined emotional experiences determine […]

5 New Books on Customer Experience You Must Read

The next instalment in our CX (Customer Experience) mini-series, is a short list of 5 recently published books on customer experience which we recommend for the great guidance and insight they provide. Creating a meaningful customer experience is considered essential for most businesses and organizations aiming to achieve a competitive advantage. Perspectives on customer experience […]

7 Ted Talks on How to Improve Customer Experience

Customer experience (CX) refers to every emotional response customers have when they interact with your organisation. From their first point of contact and through every subsequent touchpoint, their experience evolves and develops. Positive customer experience is what underpins customer loyalty and we all know how valuable this is. Continuously striving to improve customer experience is […]

7 CX Automation Blogs

People are becoming increasingly comfortable with automation in their online interactions and transactions. Automated systems are commonly used in payment processing, customer service and support, bank account management, insurance claims processing and for making routine appointments. Customer experience (CX) automation goes beyond these automated systems to fully customize and personalize each customer’s unique experience. By […]

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Customer Experience 3.0: Book Review

Ahead of our visit to Forrester’s annual CXNYC event in June, I spent a long-haul flight taking notes from John A. Goodman’s Customer Experience 3.0: High-Profit Strategies in the Age of Techno Service. Drawing on over 40 years of experience across 45+ Fortune 500 companies, and having coined one of our favourite maxims “It costs […]

7 Inspiring Customer Experience Podcasts

As we start to gear up towards Forrester’s CX NYC event this month, we’ll be writing a mini-series on all things Customer Experience. Podcasts have gained renewed popularity, largely due to the breadth of topical information that’s available and the convenience of the podcast format. You can find podcasts on everything from chickens to childcare […]

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Likert Scale: What You Need to Know

Likert scales are rating scales often used in customer surveys. This form of rating scale is named after its inventor, psychologist Rensis Likert. A Likert scale is a psychometric scale that’s effectively used to assess the opinions, attitudes and experiences of customers regarding brands, products and services. Likert scales offer survey respondents the opportunity to […]

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CX NYC 2019 Conference – our top picks

The agenda for the imminent Customer Experience NYC 2019 conference is now available from the Forrester.com website. Here’s our breakdown of what’s taking place. (And don’t forget that this is your opportunity to come and say hello to us as we have a Customer Thermometer booth at this year’s event!) Pre-Forum Options The main conference takes […]

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How MasteryPrep is raising the bar in feedback excellence

College prep is a serious business, especially in the US. However, only one in four students score college-ready on the ACT (The ACT is a standardized test used for college admissions in the United States) For low-income and minority students, the gap is even worse. It’s a market that was ripe for innovation, which is […]

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When to Send a Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer satisfaction survey response rates are influenced by a multitude of factors, many of which we’ve discussed previously. One of the most important is timing. The day of the week, the time of the day along with the time delay between the event or interaction that is being surveyed and when the survey is received […]