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Only the Paranoid Survive: Book Review

Only the Paranoid Survive: How to Exploit the Challenges That Challenge Every Company is a book originally recommended to me by Ben Horowitz. It’s written by Andrew Grove, who led Intel’s astonishing growth and was seen by many as a founding father of Silicon Valley. Andrew started at Intel at its inception in 1968, going on […]

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Embrace simplicity –
The need for simple feedback tools

Technology is becoming more and more complex. Tools have unlimited configurations, bloated feature sets and complicated deployment requirements. Nowhere is this more true than in the realm of customer feedback. Customer surveys have become lengthy and unwieldy. Searching “customer service survey” on Google returns over 66 million results – it’s all a bit overwhelming, isn’t […]

A complaint is a gift

Jannelle Barlow and Claus Moller, the two authors of “A Complaint is a Gift” were ahead of their time. They wrote this forward thinking book around customer loyalty back in 2008 – as the concept of customer loyalty and customer feedback as scientific processes were very much in their infancy. Today these concepts are all […]

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Our secrets to getting more out of surveys

When was the last time you filled out a survey from a business? Most people will have been asked for their opinion multiple times this week, if not today! Customer surveys are part of life now – and you need to make sure your business is using them wisely. The problem with surveys Most companies […]

Designing surveys for Microsoft Outlook

What makes a good survey design for Outlook? This article explains how to design a survey for Microsoft Outlook and some of the potential pitfalls. If you’re looking to insert a survey directly into Outlook itself, then take a look at this page: “How to insert a survey in Outlook” What are the problems with […]

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After the survey: Our 5 step repeatable process for handling customer feedback

Once a customer gives you feedback in your satisfaction survey, what should happen next? Sometimes, as a customer, it feels like we’re just shouting into a black hole with no chance of ever seeing a response. It’s incredibly disheartening to think your carefully considered feedback is immediately filed under “Very Important” and never seen again. […]

Help desk customer satisfaction survey options

When we launched Customer Thermometer six years ago, our focus started with the marketing agency world. Six years later and our single biggest niche is the help desk customer satisfaction survey. Help desk customers from right across the world have found Customer Thermometer and have been swapping their existing old-fashioned long form surveys to single click […]

The 4 signs you’re getting customer feedback all wrong

Customer feedback: a cornerstone of your business “Click here to complete the survey, it’ll only take 5 minutes”. This is possibly one of the most overused and unwelcome phrases to read in an email in the last few years. Think of your recipient’s thought process… Ah, I’ve just been interrupted with an email asking me […]

See us at TechDay London

We’re looking forward to TechDay London next week, on Thursday October 27. We’ll be one of over 200 startups and 7,500+ press, investors, corporates & early adopters. All squashed into one crazy tech-filled day! We’ll also be giving a demo on the Live Stage during the Enterprise slot. Come and watch our demo, and don’t forget to pop by […]

The service recovery paradox

What is the service recovery paradox? We hear about the service recovery paradox every week from our customers in the anecdotal conversations we have with them. You probably experience it in your business, but may not have ever considered it as a concept before. It’s a proven fact that customers can often be more loyal […]

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BrightGauge and Customer Thermometer launch integration

We’re delighted to announce our newest integration today, with leading BI dashboard BrightGauge. BrightGauge’s dashboard application allows users to bring together data from multiple critical systems into one place, giving you a single place to analyze and make decisions. With a single click, users can distribute dashboards to individuals, teams, or even clients. Sensing and responding to […]

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Quick survey ideas

Sometimes you just want to send a quick survey to your customers, staff or partners. You might want to get a snapshot of how people feel about your product or service, super fast. Or you might want to ask people something regularly, so you can check in with them to ‘take their temperature’. Basically, you know how […]