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Announcing Jim Turner, new COO of Customer Thermometer

We’re delighted to announce the appointment of Jim Turner as COO of Customer Thermometer, who starts with us today. Jim brings with him a wealth of experience in building and growing businesses and will be responsible for driving Customer Thermometer to the next level, building on the solid foundation and momentum already enjoyed by the […]

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3 things an MSP survey needs

Many MSPs and IT support teams currently assess customer satisfaction via long format surveys. As customers become more and more time-poor, these surveys are getting increasingly low response rates. In fact, in many cases long surveys are an added irritant after an IT failure or issue. This means customers are not only trying to catch up on work […]

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20 examples of cool email signatures

Unique Email Signatures – 20 Ideas and Examples Turn your everyday emails into a powerful marketing tool… Think for a minute about the number of emails your organization sends out each day. Every employee emails customers, partners and stakeholders all day long. If these emails use eye catching, cool email signatures, you could promote your business […]

Customer Thermometer gets some new clothes!

For a while now, we’ve been looking in our wardrobe and realizing we had nothing left to wear. So we decided to do something about it! You’ll notice some fantastic new changes when you log in to your Customer Thermometer account today. After 6 years of the same look and feel, the Customer Thermometer app […]

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See us at Kaseya Connect, Las Vegas in May 2017

We’re delighted to announce Customer Thermometer will be exhibiting at Kaseya Connect 2017. Taking place between May 9-11, the Kaseya Connect event features a keynote from Kaseya’s CEO Fred Voccola, and brings together many leaders in the IT and MSP industry at the beautiful Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas, Nevada. Come and visit our booth and meet our […]

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Time to Insight: A key metric for CX and CI professionals

Forward-thinking companies can now generate a great deal of real-time, customer and market insight from their day-to-day operations. We’re now in a world where Uber can rack up 2 billion rides across 400 cities since it launched in San Francisco just 5 years ago. A world where, in just 8 years, Airbnb now has half a million […]

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How to measure internal customer satisfaction

Businesses are a network built from a chain of processes and handoffs that generate a product or service. Each link in the chain is a different department serving the next link in the chain. If there’s a weak link, internal customer satisfaction suffers, and in turn the entire organization (including the external customer) suffers. This […]

14 ways to improve your
survey response rate

Looking to improve your survey response rate? You’re not alone. It’s one of the major reasons businesses swap to Customer Thermometer. Potential customers often say to us “our response rates have been declining”, “I’m worried we aren’t hearing from the customers who really matter”, “our current survey tool doesn’t work on mobile devices properly”, and “people […]

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Building a Customer Service Alert System that works

Let’s set the scene Just like a smoke alarm can help you act when there’s fire, a customer service alert system can help you act quickly on customer issues. It’s a method of alerting the right person in real time when a customer sends a signal of dissatisfaction into your business. It could be an email, […]

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Only the Paranoid Survive: Book Review

Only the Paranoid Survive: How to Exploit the Challenges That Challenge Every Company is a book originally recommended to me by Ben Horowitz. It’s written by Andrew Grove, who led Intel’s astonishing growth and was seen by many as a founding father of Silicon Valley. Andrew started at Intel at its inception in 1968, going on […]

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Embrace simplicity –
The need for simple feedback tools

Technology is becoming more and more complex. Tools have unlimited configurations, bloated feature sets and complicated deployment requirements. Nowhere is this more true than in the realm of customer feedback. Customer surveys have become lengthy and unwieldy. Searching “customer service survey” on Google returns over 66 million results – it’s all a bit overwhelming, isn’t […]