I’m writing this at 39,000ft, reflecting on the last 8 days of an inspiring tour of the US.

I was there, visiting customers, partners and prospects, filming case studies and getting a ton of great feedback face to face.

What an amazing trip it turned out to be.

Our trip took us to San Francisco and then back to the East Coast, narrowly avoiding Storm Jonas (#snowmageddon) in Philadephia, through New Jersey, Conneticut and finally up into Boston. At every stop I was inspired and overwhelmed by the people I met. As a Brit working in the online space – to travel such long distances to disparate locations around the US, be greeted like a long lost friend and be told how our service is ‘rocking their world’ and ‘changing their business’ gave me goosebumps.

Sure, I’ve a wife and 2 children to feed – earning a living is important… however to hear comments like that from customers across that enormous continent is actually what makes this job worthwhile. It makes the last 5 years of emotional roller coaster, of ups and downs, of doubts and of celebrations absolutely worth it and this trip will continue to spur me on for many months to come.

When was the last time you took some time out to meet customers …

… to hear what they have to say about your product or service or organisation?

One of the founders I met of a hugely successful online business, recently acquired and actually 17 years young, told me he’d been wanting to do ‘the tour’ for years and had never got round to it. He may well be booking a road trip right now after our conversation.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the day job. It’s so easy to find other things to do. Sometimes it’s easier to hide, rather than make the visit or call – just in case you hear things you’d rather now.

Guilty as charged your honour. Since you’ve read this far – take an action to take some action. Book a trip right now… whatever happens you won’t regret that time spent.

Newton’s 3rd Law is still one of the most valuable business lessons there is.

roadtrip ford 4x4

What did I learn?

I’ve come back with some amazing video case studies containing unsolicited praise for what we do… (they’ll be released soon)

I’ve returned with yet more validation and confidence that what we offer as a service is incredibly valuable and is making a real difference across many industries.

I’ve discovered it really is possible to persuade and change preconceived ideas via a good website, comms and marketing. Customers who were originally looking for a 5 question survey, discovered Customer Thermometer and realised that one question would actually be more powerful. They understood the concept of survey fatigue and have debated internally what would be the most important question to ask. They’ve not looked back.

I’ve come home with product feedback given to me proactively and new planned features anecdotally tested and given a thumbs up.

I’ve also put “faces” to what have been just “email addresses” for many years. That’s game changing in terms of relationship building.

I’ll be booking another trip soon.


As it’s not possible to spend all of your time on the road, Customer Thermometer provides a regular mechanism to talk to customers in an unobtrusive and timely way. It’s the next best thing to being face to face. Find out how your customers are really feeling – sign up for a trial today.

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  1. Andrew Palmer
    Andrew Palmer says:

    Absolutely inspiring as always. I have myself just booked a trip to Boston for July Wordcamp and to meet up with my US business partners. I literally cannot wait to see them in person after so many months of Skypeing, messaging and emailing. Keep it up Mark, you are a wonder.

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