AnyPerk customer feedback

AnyPerk, based in San Francisco, is an employee engagement platform that helps manage and deliver perks and discount programs to maximize employee happiness in companies.

Here, AnyPerk’s VP of Customer Success, Nichole Jordan, and their Customer Experience Lead, Sue Choi, talk about how they source AnyPerk customer survey feedback on their Salesforce Desk support cases using Customer Thermometer Integration.

Since happiness all round is critical, AnyPerk is pleased that Customer Thermometer’s 1-click surveys require a “shorter amount of effort” for their customers.

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AnyPerk interview transcript:

AnyPerk is a company that specializes in employee happiness not just for the employees here but we have a mission to increase employee happiness at all the companies that we work with.

So in my experience, things will go wrong … we’re not looking for perfection … we’re not looking for everyone to work flawlessly and for every rep to be perfect… we’re looking for a recovery mechanism where if we do make a mistake, all the results will go back to the customer and will respond in a way that will make them even more loyal than if we never made the mistake to begin with.

So if they give you negative feedback on a particular rep or a particular experience and you act on that or respond to that, it goes a long way with the customer.

So we typically see around a thousand cases that come through every month or cases that are resolved and obviously that varies month to month. We use Customer Thermometer to measure all of the interactions that we have with our support cases. We use Salesforce Desk so it’s tied to every interaction that we have. Any time someone reaches out to us and we respond to them, they will be given the option to let us know how satisfied they were with their interaction.

Aside from the basics of finding out how fast our response time is, we’re looking for a more detailed breakdown of how satisfied our customers are. We use it as an internal benchmark as something we can strive for … like an average Temperature Rating or something like that. It’s also a great way to measure month-over-month and then year-over-year to see how our temperature increases.

In general I do think that as a culture we get a little bit survey-heavy and we probably are not asking the right questions or the right number of questions. We prefer the one-question, one-click responses because if you can get what you need in a shorter amount of effort on the customers’ end, then that’s best way to go.

I’m personally a fan of the one-click …  I think it’s a simple and super-convenient way to empower the employees to give us some sort of indication of how satisfied they were.  The 10 question surveys are a little bit long… I’m just not going to spend that much time unless I really had something I needed others to know and in most cases those are often the unhappy customers.

Companies that really want to do a good job and offer the right services to the right customer they’re always going to want to ask your customer base “how are we doing” and always get a pulse on what the experience is. So that’s always going to be important to a company that’s going to be successful.

I think our customers love using Customer Thermometer because it doesn’t take much effort and it empowers them to let us know how satisfied they were and it helps us improve our support.

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