how bibo’s use our customer service surveys

We’re delighted to announce another customer who is happy to go on record to say great things about Customer Thermometer.

Dani Sanders, BIBO’s customer services officer has been using Customer Thermometer for over a year now.

BIBO is the new water dispenser company on the block – they like to do things differently and excel at customer service – as it’s one of their differentiators in a highly competitive marketplace. And guess what? Great service leads to customer referrals.

In the interview below – she describes how easy the service is to use, why they chose it and talks about the results they’ve been getting.

I think we can sum up her thoughts with the following quote:

“We could not live without Customer Thermometer here at BIBO. … the response rates are fantastic – in the high 80% of people responding back…”

Click play below to see what else she has to say.