We love constructuve user feedback

2013-03-05_11h52_01BIBO is the new watercooler company on the block – they like to do things differently and excel at customer service – as it’s one of their differentiators in a highly competitive marketplace. And guess what? Great service leads to customer referrals.

Dani Sanders, BIBO’s Customer Service Officer, has been using Customer Thermometer for over a year now.

Rather than us talking about how happy she is with the service – we thought it would sound better coming from her!

In the interview below – she describes how easy the service is to use, why they chose it and talks about the results they’ve been getting.

I think we can sum up her thoughts with the following quote:

“We could not live without Customer Thermometer here at BIBO. … the response rates are fantastic – in the high 80% of people responding back…”

How did user feedback can improve your business performance?

Click play below to see what else she has to say.