CMD Ltd is a British manufacturer founded in 1984, who create solutions to meet the challenges of integrating power and technology with furniture for commercial environments.

CMD employs over 200 people who work throughout the UK.

Most of its staff are based in the company’s Head Office and Manufacturing facility in Rotherham, South Yorkshire. CMD also has a team of people based in its Showroom and Office in Clerkenwell, London and another team of people who are based on the road.

During the UK Covid-19 lockdown period, CMD Ltd wanted to stay in contact with its employees. The reason for this was to take a pulse to ensure its employees knew that, while everyone in the team might not be in physical contact with each other, the company was able to reach out and to make sure that everyone is managing through this challenging time.

“Customer Thermometer provided us with the perfect tool to check in on our team during the Coronavirus crisis.” said CMD

Using their MailChimp integration CMD sends out a weekly es-hot asking how employees are feeling and with one-click they can tell us how they are.

The simplicity of the system is what makes it the perfect tool. There is no complicated form filling. Customer Thermometer offers a simple integration and reporting. Which along with the overall user experience makes it’s a great tool for everyone.”

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