How to create a candidate survey

It’s more important than ever to make sure that the candidates you interview have a great experience. This candidate survey case study explains how a global business is using candidate surveys to ensure their candidate experience is outstanding every time.


One of our enterprise customers is a dominant player in the energy sector. Every year, the global talent acquisition team interviews thousands of candidates for roles available globally in its major divisions.

Given the scarcity of top talent in these fields, it’s crucially important that, regardless of the outcome of a candidate’s interview process, each candidate has had a positive experience. Not only because word of mouth carries, but also because it’s highly likely that, even if a candidate is unsuccessful in their application for a role currently on offer, they would be suitable for a different role that may be available in the future.

It is vitally important to this company that their recruitment process compares favourably with that of its competitors.

The requirement

In order to develop a set of KPIs which reported on the quality of their recruitment process, the Global Resourcing Head decided to conduct a bi-weekly candidate survey. The survey would ask how the candidate felt about the company’s recruitment process compared with that of others.

The team appreciated that those candidates needed a quick and effective way of rating their experience, that wouldn’t be a burden on their time.

Our client’s talent team chose to use Customer Thermometer 2 years ago, to track candidate satisfaction with the recruitment process.

The result

As the Global Resourcing Head comments, “In the energy business particularly, we are very well known and roles here are highly prized, so there is a great deal of competition for them.

“So often, we have to reject people for certain roles but they are still people we ultimately want to attract and have working for us. We therefore need to ensure our candidate survey process measures their satisfaction with us and keeps them on side for the next available role which suits their skills.”

“Long surveys wouldn’t have worked in this environment. We are doing a survey from a place of rejection which we are sensitive to – this is why Customer Thermometer is the ideal tool. We need maximum response rate to gauge sentiment on our interview process but with minimal overhead on our candidates.

“There’s nothing worse than filling in a 10 page survey. Our Customer Thermometer candidate survey changes all that.”

“We call it the “Amazon” approach. It’s one click and you’re done.”

The company’s global recruiters and talent-acquirers now all have KPIs set against their Customer Thermometer results.

This approach allows the team to pinpoint and investigate any areas for concern, and therefore keep satisfaction with the interview experience at the highest levels.

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