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Sydney, Australia based ParcelPoint have a simple ethos – “they make online shopping easier.” And they do.

ParcelPoint works with online retailers to take the pain away from their logistics. In turn, they make it simple for consumers to either receive their deliveries at nearby locations (such as pharmacies etc) and make the returns process simple too. Who likes waiting at home for a courier?

Customer Thermometer plays its part during the confirmation process, where our 1-click feedback icons are used within the confirmation email following a drop off or pick up.

ParcelPoint uses our NPS survey buttons and ask the question whether customers would recommend their service. Comments are enabled and encouraged too.

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Matt Gould, their Operations Director told me:

“Positive comments are sent on to field teams to pass on to the relevant pick up point – so that they can see they’re valued.

It’s been great for us – really important to us – especially when it comes to maintaining the quality of our store network. We get great feedback asking for stores to be recruited in a particular geographic areas. This is great – so we can send it on to our field team, so that they know where to target next.”

We hear this a lot from customers – anecdotal comments can drive product / service innovation. The principle is simple – the less effort you ask a customer to go through – the more likely they are to be helpful.

If you bombard customers with multiple questions up front – they will typically ignore the request.

Offer them an option to provide a single click and prompt them for an optional comment and they’ll happily give you the feedback you crave.

Using satisfaction measurement to help sell

Matt continues:

“It also gives us great insights when we’re going in to do reviews with our customers. When we can talk about an NPS score of 78, they can then compare us to our competitors who are significantly lower!

We proactively report this score to all our customers –
so it’s really important to us”.

This is where the byproduct of measuring satisfaction comes in – the sales angle.

Having satisfaction data to back up your sales process, especially if you’re able to benchmark it across an industry, will actually help you to sell to new customers and help retains your existing ones by promoting how well you’re doing as a business.

Some of ParcelPoint's customers

Julian Leach, ParcelPoint’s founder agrees:

“Having this form of measurement has been brilliant for our sales team when they go out to win new business, and also means we can regularly demonstrate customer satisfaction to the retailers we work with.

Our business model is a relatively new concept in Australia, so it’s really important that we have data to show just how exceptional our customer experience is.”

How else does ParcelPoint use their results?

They segment the customer responses every day, and summarise the results into actionable next steps. Themes in the feedback often help to build a case for new product features, while operational issues can be identified very fast and followed up immediately (e.g. with the individual ParcelPoint location concerned).

Of course, the positive feedback is used too, validating the product features that customers especially enjoy…and providing visibility to the whole team of how they are helping to improve the online shopping experience for Australians.

No feedback is wasted.


A big thank you to the ParcelPoint team for being so generous with their time. If you live in Australia and buy online a lot – do check them out.

While you’re at it, you can could also grab a Customer Thermometer trial account and see how we might be able to help your sales process too…