Indeed Prime is directly targeted to address the growing need for technical talent in a variety of industries.

Indeed Prime recently launched with a whole new approach to their candidate satisfaction survey.

We interviewed Crystal Zilliox, Manager of the Indeed Prime Talent Services Team, to find out more …

Indeed Prime is an exclusive service that connects in-demand technical candidates with the best employers nationwide. It is part of Indeed, the world’s largest job site.

Technical recruitment is a highly competitive industry, and both candidates and employers are time-poor. It’s therefore really important that Indeed Prime asks for candidate feedback in a sensitive and appropriate way. As a result, Indeed Prime started using 1-click feedback solution, Customer Thermometer.

“We have increased our responses 10 fold!”

How were you getting candidate feedback before you found Customer Thermometer?

We utilized an NPS survey that was emailed out to each candidate at the end of their cycle on our product. The survey was 4 pages long, we had a response rate of less than 10%, and we had to bribe our candidates with a free T-shirt just to complete it!

What problems were arising before you found Customer Thermometer?

The NPS survey is a more holistic approach to receiving feedback across multiple data points for our product, where feedback was always gathered at the end of the process with no way to remedy the situation mid-term. We found that dissatisfaction in one area would bleed into other areas.

For instance, if a candidate wasn’t completely satisfied with the user interface or amount of company contacts they received, that might negatively impact the individual rating they would give to the team member that provided support.

For example, we found evidence of this when someone on the talent team would receive a low individual rating for the services they provided, but the candidate would leave a glowing written review for that same representative. This discrepancy led us to believe the talent members ratings were not necessary consistent with the experience the candidate received when compared to the written comments.

Why did you go looking for an alternative?

Since our talent team’s performance is in part measured by the level of satisfaction of the candidates they serviced, the identified discrepancy was inadvertently negatively impacting that performance.

We needed to find a more transactional approach to measuring satisfaction that would not be skewed by a candidate’s perception of other areas of the product.

How did you find Customer Thermometer?

We had seen emails come through with embedded email surveys we found intriguing. We figured this type of survey would allow us to measure the value of each transactional interaction our talent team was providing, while giving us immediate feedback which could be used to rectify potential quality issues immediately rather than after candidate was done with our process.

So I went to work researching different products online that provided this functionality.

What made you choose us?

Out of the products I researched …

… Customer Thermometer had the highest quality UI, reporting, and integration abilities.

It did not take me long to weed out the others based on our high expectations and requirements.

Was it hard to get things agreed internally?

Actually, it was quite simple to build the business case to migrate to Customer Thermometer for the purposes of measuring the quality of the transactional interactions our teams had with our external candidates and clients.

The functionality was exactly what we needed, and at the low cost, it was simply a no brainer!

Indeed Prime clients

Just a few of Indeed Prime’s clients.

How simple was it to get started?

Very easy.

I was able to figure out how to setup & configure our embedded thermometers in less than an hour just by using the online user guide and videos.

Teaching others how to do the same was just as simple.

What have you learnt through using the service?

Our original measurement of candidate satisfaction was being negatively impacted by product factors that were out of their control.

Has anything surprised you about the results you’re getting?

We have increased our responses 10 fold!

Have you made any changes within the business as a result of the feedback you’re getting?

Our business teams are now using Customer Thermometer NPS rating as a target metric, instead of the traditional NPS survey that product continues to send out.

What do your customers think about the candidate satisfaction survey?

We have some end users who click a rating every single time they interact with someone on the business team – clearly demonstrating the ease of use and their willingness to provide immediate feedback for service rendered.

What do your staff think about the service?

Reporting is easy, results are more accurate, and they now have more control over their own performance metrics.

Would you recommend the service to others?


Customer Thermometer has allowed us to more fairly manage our teams and enabled us to receive real time feedback which can be acted on to remidiate change.

The benefits of this product vs. its cost is simple – a no brainer!

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