Lands End CSAT

“We have been completely blown away by the results of using Customer Thermometer.

In the first 3 months, we had x6 times the number of responses we hoped for. Not only that, the customer satisfaction level is awesome – a real validation for the efforts of all our staff.

Over 91% of customers have given us the highest, ‘gold’ rating. CT makes that easy to share internally, enabling team leads and account teams to see live data on their own personal ‘thermometers’ so that they can see the effect they are having and strive to improve even further.

The Customer Thermometer technology is very user-friendly to set up, and allows us to apply a brand-accurate look and feel to the red/amber/green/gold options that allow recipients to express their response.

We now have a workstream that we didn’t have before: investigating and remedying instances of customer dissatisfaction. Should any bad feedback come in, we have a process in place of how to react and how to learn from it.

Customer Thermometer is a great partner and they’ve played a huge part in making this process so successful. We are well looked after; nothing is too much to ask. They are almost as good at delivering great service as customers say we are!”

Zach Munns, Senior Project Manager, Lands’ End

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