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, we talk about the importance of letting your customers (or employees) know that you’re about to start using Customer Thermometer (on a regular basis).

No one likes surprises and if you let people know what’s coming, explain why it’s important to them and you and let them know it will not be painful – then you would appear to have a winning combination.

Earlier in the week, we were sent an example letter for a trial going to employees for a large business in the US. We thought it was great and they said we could publish it. Feel free to copy the text below, and use it yourselves…

We will update this post, when we find out how it went – but we believe the test has started rather well!

We would love to hear your experiences of using the service and getting the most from it.

example introductory email

Heads up—we are evaluating a new surveying platform called “Customer Thermometer” to use with our clients to better monitor their satisfaction.

Before we commit to this product, we’d like to test it out on XYZ folks J  (I promise this will be painless.  The survey is literally one click.  It will not take more than 5 seconds.)

Within the next 24 hours please be expecting a survey.  Please open, click, and be on with your day J

Thanks in advance!