Moonfruit is one of the world’s largest website / shop building services. The company is passionate about customer “happiness”.

With millions of websites under management, Moonfruit support is a big job, with a large team in place to ensure customers get great support, first time via the Zendesk support system. The team is kept under the watchful eye of Matt Casey.

Matt decided to move to Customer Thermometer back in September 2013 and in his own words, “hasn’t looked back”…

Moonfruit use Customer Thermometer’s API to generate dashboards on big screens around their support center and take full advantage of routing alerts to the right people, when their customers aren’t happy. They then focus heavily on turning those customers from disappointed to happy, in what we call the service recovery paradox.

In the short video below, he gives us his thoughts on using the service with Zendesk, its ease of use and why he recommends us to helpdesk managers around the world.

We’d like to thank Matt for taking the time out to give us this interview.