Highpoint Networks MSP case study

High Point Networks has staked its reputation on delivering great customer service in a complex and competitive marketplace. It uses Customer Thermometer to gain an accurate, reliable picture of how customers are really feeling.

Helping business customers with specialist expertise

Amid the big skies and rarefied air of the Upper Great Plains is where you’ll find High Point Networks, a successful and growing IT business with 120+ staff and customers across five US states.

MSP high point exceptional customer-service

Compared to the metropolises on the east and west coasts, people are few and far between in places like West Fargo, North Dakota, where High Point is located. Consequently, the ongoing IT skills crisis – particularly in specialist areas like cybersecurity – is driving more SMB and large enterprise businesses to seek out High Point’s sector-leading expertise.

And while the quirky midwesterners portrayed in the silver screen versions of ‘Fargo’ are fake, the real people of this region still share some distinctive character traits.

Real nice customer response

“There’s this thing called ‘North Dakota Nice’, which is basically a non-confrontational personal attitude with a positive exterior that can mask what people really feel,” explains High Point’s Brandon Conkins.

“I don’t know if that makes it any more difficult to understand what customers around here think about the service they receive, but we were determined to get at that insight.”

Brandon is in charge of managed IT services at High Point, including the firm’s Network Operations Centre that runs on a ConnectWise ticketing system.

Every time a service or project ticket is closed, Customer Thermometer triggers a notification email requesting a feedback score of either Excellent, Good, Fair or Poor, with room to add comments. These in turn escalate workflows that tell the relevant engineer about customer input made on their tickets, and alert the appropriate service manager and account manager to engage anyone whose experience wasn’t good enough.

Better NPS scores and response rates

“We started using Customer Thermometer because the in-built survey tool within ConnectWise wasn’t helping us get a good response rate,” says Brandon. “We might raise a thousand or more tickets in an given month, but were getting barely 20 responses.

Customer Thermometer has boosted our response rate by x5, and rather than having to re-engineer ConnectWise to accommodate the new software, Customer Thermometer integrates seamlessly.”

As customers’ IT becomes more complex, the ability of companies like High Point Networks to deliver consistently high standards of service is a critical differentiator. According to Brandon, satisfaction levels are about as high as they could possibly imagine.

“There was some debate around the office that using a tool like Customer Thermometer would only invite a ton of negative feedback, but in fact it’s been the exact opposite. Something like 95% of responses are in the good or excellent category and we have an NPS score that consistently runs in the 90s. Obviously we’d want to learn and make changes in response to negative feedback patterns, but they’ve been limited. I guess we need to keep doing what we’re doing and pay extra special attention to customer satisfaction levels if we ever do change the way we operate.”

ConnectWise and BrightGauge CSAT integrations

As well as ConnectWise, another labor-saving aspect of Customer Thermometer is its integration with the BrightGauge reporting dashboard. This complements the real-time view into prevailing customer sentiment with weekly reports that Brandon presents at each High Point management meeting. Senior decision makers can then use this intelligence to probe any issues related to customer service standards.

“Customer Thermometer is really intuitive, the results have been great and the support has been amazing. We’re already thinking how to extend its use beyond engineers and tickets to the entire High Point business experience. We’ve come up with a few models and are listening to the advice of the Customer Thermometer team about best practice in our industry.”

“With Customer Thermometer, we feel we can trust what the metrics are telling us. Feedback and NPS scores like this just aren’t normal unless you are doing something right. I’m no psychologist, but if people are discontented then they are going to share it – even if they are North Dakota Nice.”

Spoken like a true midwesterner…!

Our heartfelt thanks to Brandon and the High Point Networks team for sharing their wonderful feedback with us. If you’d like to give Customer Thermometer a go, simply pop your email address below and choose a password, no credit card or other details needed: