Customer Case Studies

We’re proud to work with some incredible companies and people here at Customer Thermometer. Our client case studies are testament to how effective our survey product is and we’re very proud. Customer Thermometer’s founders often say that ‘bad businesses don’t use Customer Thermometer’ and it’s very true… only the best companies want more customer feedback because they are the ones who want to constantly up their game.

In this section you’ll find customer case studies describing the many different types of feedback that our customers solicit using the service. Companies ranging from BT and Gigmasters through to Lloyds Register and AnyPerk describe their customer and employee successes in the range of case studies contained in this area.

Indeed Prime is directly targeted to address the growing need for technical talent in a variety of industries.

Indeed Prime's Candidate Satisfaction Survey

Indeed Prime recently launched with a whole new approach to their candidate satisfaction survey. We interviewed Crystal Zilliox, Manager of the Indeed Prime Talent Services Team, to find out more ... Indeed Prime is an exclusive service…
telco customer survey
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How Infiniti Telecommunications monitors CSAT across its units and partners

Infiniti Telecommunications is an Australia-wide telecommunications company. It provides telephony systems to small, medium, and large businesses and delivers ongoing customer support post-sale as well. Customer Thermometer has become…
Parcel Point blog header logo image

How ParcelPoint uses Customer Thermometer to win new business

Customer Thermometer has customers in all corners of the world. In the last 30 days, Thermometer surveys have been responded to in 173 countries in fact. Something we’re incredibly proud of. On my recent trip to Australia (where I observed…
HiTech Computers Logo
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Case study: HiTech Computers run ConnectWise surveys using Customer Thermometer

HiTech Computers, a Louisiana, US based Healthcare IT specialist, is led by President Richard Raue. The business uses the ConnectWise helpdesk system to manage client jobs and support enquiries. HiTech Computers recently added the Customer…
Remax customer satisfaction survey case study
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Why this RE/MAX Realtor® chose Customer Thermometer

Customer Thermometer has been and always will be an online business - which means much of our communication with customers and prospects is also online, via chat and email. Both the founders of the service and our Ministry of Magic go out…
AnyPerk customer feedback

Sourcing customer survey feedback for Anyperk

AnyPerk, based in San Francisco, is an employee engagement platform that helps manage and deliver perks and discount programs to maximize employee happiness in companies. Here, AnyPerk's VP of Customer Success, Nichole Jordan, and their…
Gigmasters event marketplace case study

Another 1-click survey advocate - a case study from

During our co-founder, Mark's, recent US roadtrip, he was able to capture some fantastic customer case studies. is a company, 17 years young, recently acquired by XO Group (congratulations guys). Based in Norwalk, CT, they…

A customer roadtrip, snowmageddon and being inspired

I’m writing this at 39,000ft, reflecting on the last 8 days of an inspiring tour of the US. I was there, visiting customers, partners and prospects, filming case studies and getting a ton of great feedback face to face. What an amazing…
Why Customer Thermometer has transformed this business

Why Customer Thermometer has transformed this business

Our "Happy Customers" page grows every week - we're incredibly proud of the names and the comments which we receive on a regular basis. Whilst we are a commercial operation, human interaction and finding out how our service is changing businesses…
How Lloyds Register surveys its unsuccessful candidates

How Lloyds Register surveys its unsuccessful candidates

Every year, Lloyds Register (LR) interviews thousands of candidates for roles available globally in its energy, marine, rail and consulting divisions. Given the scarcity of top talent in these fields, it’s crucially important to LR that,…
How to create a candidate survey

How to create a candidate survey - a case study

It's more important than ever to make sure that the candidates you interview have a great experience. This candidate survey case study explains how a global business is using candidate surveys to ensure their candidate experience is outstanding…
Reasons Why You Should present customer thermometer to boss

Presenting Customer Thermometer to your boss or board

If you've discovered Customer Thermometer for the first time, and you need to present the service to your boss, or management team, here's everything you need. We've previously written about 10 good reasons to choose us, however in this article…