Why Customer Thermometer has transformed this business

Our “Happy Customers” page grows every week – we’re incredibly proud of the names and the comments which we receive on a regular basis. Whilst we are a commercial operation, human interaction and finding out how our service is changing businesses is what drives us as a team forward.

Recently, we went to see one of our more local customers, Jack Brunsdon, a world-class window and door manufacturer, which is now 50 years old.

Whilst feedback has always been important to them, in the early part of the millenium, traditional paper-based feedback and good old fashioned letters started to dry up. They knew they needed customer feedback, but couldn’t work out how best to get it.

Along came Customer Thermometer.

“Customer Thermometer has transformed my business.”

What’s fascinating to us as creators of the service is how they’ve truly embedded the service into their business. In a forthcoming blog post, we’ll go on to explain how they’re using the service to bonus their employees. Great individual feedback from customers gets them more money in their pay packet each month.

If ever anyone needed an incentive to deliver great customer service – that’ll be it.

One of the (many) highlights for us, is the reference to a 66% response rate.

Hear from the MD of the business in the video below…