Need questions for your next survey? We have tons of survey question examples to suit a range of objectives. Use them to maximize your own customer feedback, or as inspiration when formulating your own unique survey questions.

What makes a good survey question?

Before we get to the survey question examples, it’s worth underlining just what makes a good survey question. Here are some golden rules to consider:

How to make the most out of your survey questions

It’s worth investing some thought in coming up with the right survey question. But even then, the question itself needs a little extra help to get you the best, most accurate and instantly understandable insights possible. For example:

  • Designing your survey for maximum engagement. A pleasing look and feel and effortless functionality are essential to optimizing responses. Make it easy and even fun, and you’ll get a more representative set of results.
  • Sending surveys out at the right time to the right people. Most customer feedback surveys are email surveys, so timing is very important. You can even organize your whole feedback strategy around your customer journey map, so you can learn how to improve the customer experience at every touchpoint.
  • Analyzing your results in real-time with trending reports and dashboards. Use close-ended questions to generate quantitative data that you can visualize in live dashboards, widgets and management reporting.
  • Having a plan for how to act on your survey results. Learn how to optimize your feedback response – especially to negative feedback – and close the loop with your community.
  • Using a customer feedback platform to bring it all together. We say Customer Thermometer is the best! Take a free trial, learn about our extensive platform integrations and the role we play in driving instant feedback. 

What are the main types of survey questions?

Here are the 10 main kinds of survey questions and their respective pros and cons. For the full lowdown, read this blog post.

Open-ended questions

The most free-form type of question, that allows any answer to be given.

PROS: Rich insights; scope to collect unexpected findings

CONS: More time and effort needed for participants to complete and for data analysis and response. 

service card image

Nominal (multiple-choice) questions

Questions that allow a single choice from a predetermined set of answer options.

PROS: Saves time and effort; helps narrow down lots of possible answers into smaller groups

CONS: Risk of introducing bias; including “Other, please specify” as an option necessitates open-ended analysis

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Dichotomous questions

Questions that allow one of only two answer options to be chosen. For example, yes/no, true/false, agree/disagree.

PROS: Very simple; very fast; good for screening responses into cohorts that follow-up questions can be targeted at

CONS: Limited findings and insights; cannot detect any nuance

Likert scale questions

Questions that allow respondents to record their intensity of opinion by choosing one from a list of answer options going from one extreme to the other. For example, from “strongly agree” to “strongly disagree”.

PROS: Simple to engage with; simple to analyze; can capture nuances in opinion where questions are not clear-cut 

CONS: Can encourage ‘neutrality bias’ and allow participants to sit on the fence

Rating scale questions

Questions that require an answer in the form of a numeric value, typically from 0–10. For example, the NPS (Net Promoter Score®) question.

PROS: Simple to use; simple to draw conclusions from; ideal for tracking change over time using the same survey question consistently

CONS: Doesn’t cover why certain values are given; participants can differ in their idea of what each numeric value represents

rating for review

Contextual follow-up questions

Questions used in combination with other questions asked immediately beforehand. 

PROS: Finds out why respondents give certain answers; adds an extra dimension to insights without requiring qualitative analysis

CONS: Limited to the context of earlier questions; may irritate/annoy participants who were only expecting a one question survey

Matrix questions

Multiples of questions of a similar kind (e.g. rating/ranking questions) that are grouped together in a space-saving grid/matrix format that eliminates repetition.

PROS: Makes longer surveys feel less painful and time consuming; simplifies a lot of content into a digestible process 

CONS: Only works with questions that are closely related to one another; oversized matrices can become confusing and impenetrable 

ticking satisfaction boxes

Drop-down questions

Questions demanding a lengthy number of answer options that are compressed into a scrollable drop-down selector.

PROS: Great for questions where the list of possible options is both logical and very long; quick and easy for participants to engage with

CONS: Applicable to a comparatively narrow range of question scenarios 

Ordinal (ranking) questions

Questions that ask respondents to rank answer options into order of preference. 

PROS: Forces respondents to identify their preferences thoughtfully; enables rich insights without the corresponding analysis overhead

CONS: Assumes participants know enough about what they’re ranking; cognitive effort may lead to survey abandonment. 

Checkbox questions

Questions that provide multiple-choice answer options where respondents can check (or tick) all that apply.

PROS: Quick and easy; well suited to collecting evidential data

CONS: Can produce confused or nonsensical findings; open to unintentional bias, particularly if the list of answer options is not comprehensive 

covid back to work back to office how are you feeling

51 survey question examples to drive your feedback programs

So here’s a broad and varied range of survey question examples that cover all the main types explained above. What are you waiting for – dive in!

Open-ended survey question examples

What could we have improved on/done better?

Please give your answer here


How would you explain our product/service to a friend, family member or colleague?

Please give your answer here


Do you have any suggestions on how we could improve our product?

Please give your answer here


How did you hear about this event?

Please give your answer here

couple asking support questions

Contextual follow-up survey question examples

We’d love to know more about why you clicked that rating. Please choose an option below.








What could we have done to get a 10/10 today?

Please give your answer here


We’re sorry to hear about your experience. What would you like us to improve upon?

Please give your answer here


Thanks for that great feedback! Which features of our service impressed you the most?

Please give your answer here

Yes/no survey question examples

Were you satisfied with your experience today?




Would you recommend us to a friend or family member?




Did you find what you were looking for on the website today?




Did our product/service meet your expectations?




Would you buy from us again?




Did the cleanliness of our restrooms meet your expectations today?



answering questions about experience

Agree/disagree survey question examples

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? “[COMPANY] invests time and money to keep employees updated with technology.”




Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? “The user manual provided clear guidance in how to install and set up the application.”




Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? “The conference speakers were knowledgeable and informative.”




Do you agree or disagree with the following statement: “The website is useful and informative.”



Multiple-choice survey question examples

What’s the reason for your visit to Rocky Road Ranch today?

Celebrating an occasion with family/friends

Journey stop off

Dedicated day trip from home

No particular reason

Other (please specify)


Which best describes your job role? 




Support staff

Other (please specify)


Which of our products/services have you purchased from us in the past?






Other (please specify)


filling out questionaire

As an employee, do you feel included in the company mission?



Not really

Not at all


Likert scale survey question examples

What was your level of satisfaction with our product(s) (or service)?

Very satisfied

Somewhat satisfied

Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied

Somewhat dissatisfied

Very dissatisfied


To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statement: “The online store checkout process was straightforward.”

Strongly agree


Somewhat agree

Neither agree nor disagree

Somewhat disagree


Strongly disagree


How likely are you to recommend this product / service to friends and family?

Very likely



Very unlikely


Please tell us how important it is to you for us to provide 24/7 customer service.



Low importance

Not important


Please tell us how important the new features added to [product] are to you.

Highly important

Moderately important

Low importance

Not important at all


How helpful are the instruction videos provided from our website?

Extremely helpful

Somewhat helpful

Not very helpful

Not helpful at all


To what extent did our customer service team meet your expectations?

Significantly exceeded expectations

Met expectations

Did not meet expectations


How would you rate your recent customer service call?






How often do you seek assistance from customer support?

Very frequently





What do you think about our online prices?

Very happy


Not very happy

Not happy at all

ratings for questions on mobile

Other rating scale survey question examples

How satisfied were you with your experience today on a scale of 1 to 10?

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


To what extent do you agree with the following statement: “COMPANY made it easy to handle my issue.”

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


On a scale from 0-10, how likely are you to recommend us/COMPANY to a friend or colleague?

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


On a scale of 0-10, considering your experience with us so far, how likely are you to recommend XXX to a friend or colleague?

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

question ratings and successes

Now that you’ve experienced our fast-track booking, how likely are you to recommend XXX to a friend or colleague? (0-10)

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


On a scale from 0-10, how likely are you to recommend XXX to someone like you?

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10


How would you rate your experience with Helen today with a score between 1 and 5?

1 2 3 4 5

rating out of 5

Ranking survey question examples

Please rank the following car brands in order of your ownership preference.









Please rank the following service attributes in order of their importance to you.

Clear communication




Other (please specify)


Here are some possible changes to our Summer menu. Please rank them in order of your priority.

More salads

‘Street food’ style options

Less red meat

Sharing platters

Chef’s choice daily set lunch


Which of our product features do you use the most, in ranked order?


Call forwarding

Hunt groups

Visual voicemail

Push to talk


Auto attendant


As an employee, rank the following in their importance to you.

Workplace inclusivity

Wellbeing support

Advancement opportunities

Mentorship program

Matrix survey question examples

Please choose how satisfied you were with aspects of your hotel stay.


filling in satisfaction surver

Please choose how important the following aspects of a cinema experience are to you


Very important Somewhat important Neutral Somewhat unimportant Very unimportant
Seating comfort
Choice of film
Food and beverage options
Sound and vision quality

Drop-down survey question examples

Which is your favorite country in the world to visit?

Choose a country


What is your annual pre-tax income?

Select range

group of people rating a product

Checkbox survey question examples

Which of the following meal courses did you order today? (select all that apply)



Main course


Coffee / liqueur


Which modes of communication have you used in the last month? (select all that apply)

Voice call/conference

Video call/meeting


SMS (inc. WhatsApp)

Webchat (with chatbot)

Social media

Messaging app (e.g. Slack)

Collaboration platform (e.g. Teams)


Which type/s of credit cards do you carry? (select all that apply)



American Express