7 CX Automation Blogs

People are becoming increasingly comfortable with automation in their online interactions and transactions. Automated systems are commonly used in payment processing, customer service and support, bank account management, insurance claims processing and for making routine appointments.

Customer experience (CX) automation goes beyond these automated systems to fully customize and personalize each customer’s unique experience. By effectively tailoring each individual customer’s experience to match their needs and capabilities, businesses and organizations are fostering customer loyalty which translates into long-term customer value.

We’ve previously highlighted a valuable group of blogs which are focused on customer experience. In this post we have highlighted 7 blogs which provide valuable insight into the often bewildering topic of customer experience automation.

Jacada.com Blog

Jacada describe themselves as a leader in customer service and contact center solutions. Their customer service RPA (robotic process automation) system has twice won the UK national innovation award.

As experts in automation it’s not surprising to see that their excellent blog is packed full of valuable CX automation insight. Here are some relevant and particularly informative posts.

ActiveCampaign.com Blog

ActiveCampaign state that their mission is to:

“Help growing businesses make meaningful connections with their customers.”

Automation is at the heart of their system. Their informative blog isn’t dedicated to CX automation, but includes a number of valuable, relevant posts on various aspects of process automation, including these.

WalkMe Blog

The WalkMe Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) was created as a guidance and navigation tool to simplify user experience. Their informative blog presents some very useful insight into CX automation.

Adobe.com Digital Experience Blog

Personalization and automation have been topics addressed via the Adobe.com Digital Experience Blog many times over recent years. These are highly relevant, deeply insightful blog posts which will help you formulate a workable customer experience automation strategy that’s optimal for your organisation.

Kofax Blog

Kofax is an automation software platform provider offering an informative blog. Their client portfolio includes well known financial institutions, insurance companies, healthcare providers and government agencies. Here are just a handful of relevant blog posts on the subject of automation.

Perceptive Blog

Perceptive describe themselves as:

“Australasia’s leading technology-based customer intelligence agency”

They have been addressing aspects of CX automation via their excellent blog since 2015. Here are a few relevant posts that are worth reading.

MyCustomer.com Blog

MyCustomer.com provides valuable guidance in customer engagement and more. Their community blog is full of informative posts from a number of different authors working in various industries. Here are a few selected posts.

Customer experience no longer requires a human to deliver that experience. Robotic process automation (RPA) and technologies including predictive analytics, machine learning and cognitive computing are becoming increasingly integral in CX delivery. Advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) have improved customer interactions to the point where some customers can no longer tell when they are interacting with chatbots. We hope that these blogs and articles will help you develop your own, winning CX automation strategy.

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