7 Ted Talks on How to Improve Customer Experience

Customer experience (CX) refers to every emotional response customers have when they interact with your organisation. From their first point of contact and through every subsequent touchpoint, their experience evolves and develops. Positive customer experience is what underpins customer loyalty and we all know how valuable this is.

Continuously striving to improve customer experience is challenging, but potentially very rewarding. Here’s a collection of inspiring and highly informative Ted Talks which we think you will find useful if you are seeking how to improve customer experience.

What Consumers Want

Over 1,000,000 views
Speaker: Joseph Pine
Date: 2004

An oldie but a goodie! Although this presentation is quite dated the message from veteran consultant and writer Joseph Pine remains highly relevant. He talks about how authenticity was becoming the new consumer sensibility and provides some excellent examples and guidance that will help you provide what your customers want.

Got a Wicked Problem? First, tell me how you make toast.

Around 3,000,000 views
Speaker: Tom Wujec
Date: 2013

By examining a simple, apparently trivial task that we are all familiar with (making toast) Tom Wujec demonstrates how this reveals insight into how we collaborate and make sense of things. This upbeat, fun presentation describes how to run this useful exercise to help us solve some of our most complicated problems at work.

5 Ways to Lead in an Era of Constant Change

Around 2,500,000 views.
Speaker: Jim Hemerling
Date: 2016

We are all facing rapid, accelerating and unavoidable transformations in the way we work. While this may be experienced by many as exhausting, in the presentation organizational change expert Jim Hemerling describes how adapting your business and making valuable changes can be invigorating. The 5 approaches that he describes are centered around putting people first.

The first secret of design is… Noticing

Around 2,500,000 views.
Speaker: Tony Fadell
Date: 2015

This engaging presentation from Tony Fadell, the originator of the ubiquitous iPod, is all about both noticing and then driving change. We all get used to the way things are leading to habituation. This talk is broadly about noticing the things that we have grown used to and considering how these things can be improved.

How Airbnb Designs for Trust

Around 2,500,000 views
Speaker: Joe Gebbia
Date: 2016

Airbnb has been a major disruptive force within the hospitality industry, but it started with Joe Gebbia hosting a complete stranger in his living room. This completely changed his perspective. A couple of years down the line he needed cash to pay his rent leading to the inception of ‘air bed and breakfast’. They discovered that it was possible to make friends while at the same time making money. This is a great story, well worth watching.

How we can Teach Computers to Make Sense of Our Emotions

Around 1,200,000 views
Speaker: Raphael Arar
Date: 2017

In this talk Raphael Arar asks how can we make artificial intelligence (A.I.) that people will actually want to interact with, highly relevant to the realm of customer experience. He provides some great examples of how he is using art to inform his work as an AI designer.

Why you should treat the tech you use at work like a colleague

Around 1,300,000 views
Speaker: Nadjia Yousif
Date: 2018

In this engaging talk Nadjia Yousif describes how people on the frontline in businesses and organizations are often skeptical or even afraid of new software tools. Her idea is that if these new technologies were treated more like work colleagues people are able to perform better and are happier in their work. This is highly relevant to all aspects of customer experience wherein software tools, chatbots and A.I. is increasingly used.

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