Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is becoming increasingly hard to get in any representative way. The traditional customer survey now gets sub 2% response rates. Tweets, Facebook posts, review sites, likes and shares are all very well, but often it’s only the customers who shout the loudest (often those who’ve had a bad experience) who get heard.

We created Customer Thermometer to tackle exactly this problem. We are dedicated to sourcing the fastest and most accurate picture of how your customers feel without bothering them. In this section we’ve collected our best articles on the changing face of customer feedback, and how to navigate it.

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10 Great Customer Service Skills You Need To Know

Optimizing the quality of your customer service is critical to success. That means building and nurturing great customer service skills. Customer service skills remain vital even as automation and self-service continues to rise. In fact,…
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On-Brand Customer Feedback Survey Icon Ideas Your Customers Will Love

Businesses strive to deliver a great customer experience that’s unique to their brand. That means bringing the brand into every customer touchpoint – including when collecting customer feedback. Even here, there are cool things you can do…

Enterprise Feedback Management: Everything You Need to Know & More

Customers interact with businesses, organizations and suppliers via multiple channels. Email, phone, social media, chat, mobile apps, SMS, face-to-face – are all used for customer feedback and interaction. People also leave online reviews…
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20 Brilliant Customer Feedback Quotes

Looking for new and useful customer feedback quotes for your next presentation or blog post? Customer feedback is taking centre stage. Customers have more ways than ever of getting in touch with the businesses that serve them. From social…
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Unbiased Survey Questions & Examples: The Complete Guide

A core aim of your customer satisfaction surveys should be accuracy. Sometimes the truth hurts, but the truth of what your customers think is absolutely paramount. As a result, writing unbiased survey questions could be the most important piece…
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Quick Survey Ideas and Examples to Engage Customers

Sometimes you just want to send a quick survey to your customers, staff or partners. You might want to get a snapshot of how people feel about your product or service, super fast. Or you might want to ask people something regularly, so…
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11 Essential Customer Satisfaction Metrics To Track In 2021

Tracking and measuring the satisfaction levels of your customers is critical for success. Poor customer satisfaction will result in lost customers and adversely affect your brand. How to measure customer satisfaction Customers become satisfied…

Paving the Way to Customer Experience Excellence with Tobermore

As a manufacturer, Tobermore is committed to quality, performance, innovation and sustainability. But the same commitment is true of its approach to customers. Tobermore’s vision is to “create beautiful spaces by producing world-class products…
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How to Embed a Customer Satisfaction Survey in Email

Customer survey emails are, in our world, questions you ask customers to get their feedback. One of the simplest ways to do that is to embed a survey into emails you're already sending out.  Email survey examples like this might include…
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How to Get a Better NPS Score

Ever wondered about Net Promoter Scores? Or more to the point, wanted to know what a good NPS score is and how to get one? Read on for our comprehensive guide. What is a Net Promoter Score (NPS) Score? Net Promoter Score (NPS®) was first…
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10 Email Survey Subject Lines For Great Response Rates

People are managing ever-increasing volumes of daily email messages. When they triage their unopened emails they look at two things: who the emails are from and the email subject lines. If you are looking for customer feedback, survey subject…
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Asking for feedback by email

Do you need to create a great feedback email? Are you looking to change the way you get responses from emails you send regularly? Do you need to gather feedback from a large number of customers and staff in a simple and quick way or maybe you…