Attention pop pickers! We’ve compiled a mini mixtape of greatest hits from the Customer Thermometer content hub. It’s no surprise that the no.1 on the list comes from our incredibly popular Ultimate Guide to NPS ‘album’.

Read on to discover our hit parade of double platinum chart-toppers. Each of these have consistently proven among the most shared over the last six months.

So prime your graphic equalizers and put new batteries in your Walkman. Here we go!

In at number 5…

Golden rules for managing customer expectations

Managing expectations goes to the heart of why we collect customer feedback. It’s an art and a science, and this post shows how to begin mastering it.

There are six golden rules in all to help set, manage and exceed customer expectations. The only other thing you need is a real-time customer feedback engine to know what your customers are thinking!

Sitting pretty at number 4…

The coolest collection of email signature examples

Email signatures (just ‘email sigs’, for the cool crowd) are more than a footer for your customer communications. They’re high-value real estate to promote your brand, reinforce messaging and collect feedback.

This curated assortment of 20 top email signature examples shows what can be done with a little creativity. Prepare to be inspired to enhance your email signature approach with interest and interactivity!


Smashing in at number 3…

The 3-step guide to asking for feedback

The how-to guide equivalent of the 3-min pop classic. This post might look simple but it’s a well-trodden pathway toward building a complete customer feedback strategy. It sets out:

  1. What to ask when requesting feedback by email
  2. When to ask for feedback by email
  3. How to ask for feedback by email

Highly pertinent in today’s WFH-dominated business culture where email is more important than ever.

Narrowly knocked off its perch at number 2…

18 great CSAT survey questions

Customer satisfaction surveys are so, so important, but knowing what and how to ask is never easy. These 18 question options give organizations a head start in generating amazing customer insights.

The questions come in various formats, and the idea is to consider them individually – not as one giant questionnaire. For example:

  • Yes/no questions that make feedback data fast and easy to analyze.
  • Scale questions that allow you to segment aggregated feedback data.
  • Multiple choice questions where you can dig deeper into insights and drivers.
  • Open-ended questions to elicit qualitative feedback responses.

And a new entry at number 1…

The best practice NPS feedback response planner

This fantastic free download (with no form to fill in) helps organizations preplan how to respond to NPS feedback. This is crucial in closing the loop with customers, particularly ones at different ends of the spectrum. It allows you to:

  • Have simple steps on sourcing, responding to, sharing and acting on NPS feedback
  • Share a common framework across your organization
  • Set internal SLAs for response and service recovery
  • Leverage positive feedback for marketing and team motivation
  • Quickly implement lasting improvements and remedies from negative feedback
  • Systemize your approach to keeping “promoters” happy – and potentially shifting “detractors” and/or “passives” from their existing categories.
  • Move the needle on NPS score.

This feedback response planner is just one of the resources available in our comprehensive Ultimate Guide to NPS. That’s a greatest hits compilation all of its own, and it’s being added to all the time.

Whether it’s NPS, CSAT or internal employee feedback – the Customer Thermometer free trial is available now for you to experiment with as you wish.