Feedback childs playI wandered into my home office a couple of evenings ago to sort some things out for the morning. Imagine my surprise when I was greeted by this mural penned on one of my rather large whiteboards.

My 7 year old daughter (who loves art generally) had been ‘playing’.

Whilst of course she is aware of Customer Thermometer, I’m still trying to work out if her design is in fact inspired by our application or, whether she was just generally doodling.

I can’t bring myself to rub it off the board yet.

It did get me thinking though – allowing customers to give feedback should be fun. It should be like child’s play.

If you are wanting to test a business idea or concept – I’ve always been told to explain it to an 11 year old. If they understand it – then the message is ready for the marketplace. (I also have an 11 year old now, as of yesterday).

With all the talk around gamification in learning and development – why shouldn’t we have gamification in customer satisfaction?

We’ve been using emoticons for the last 4 years to allow that single click (and increasingly tap) because they are universally understood.

Are you?