Why Asking For Customer Feedback?

I had lunch with a friend recently who was involved in improving the customer service of one of the world’s largest car parts companies. She told me that one of the most powerful things they did was to ask all their customer service agents to ask customers who rang in “if we could do one thing better for you, what would it be?” Responses were scribbled onto notepaper and dropped into baskets at the side of every desk. At the end of the day, the responses were collated and by the end of the month the organisation had a very solid list of improvements it could make.

My friend told me that both she and the organisation were amazed how often the same things came up – things they hadn’t even considered to be issues before.  It’s sometimes only by proactively asking for feedback and bracing yourself to accept it, no matter what it says, that you can genuinely make efforts to improve your business.