survey question fatigueWe were delighted to see an article in this week’s New York Times claiming that long customer surveys are causing an onslaught of ‘survey fatigue”.

The piece claims that response rates to long surveys are plummeting as a result. Music to our ears here at Customer Thermometer where for a long time we have believed that these long customer satisfaction surveys are directionless and annoying.

Just because you can create a long survey doesn’t necessarily mean you should. What matters is only whether the customer is happy with what you are doing/have done. As the NY Times writes,

“if customers balk at taking what can feel like an SAT test, the fault may lie with the surveys themselves. Many businesses, often against the advice of the experts they have hired to construct their questionnaires, cannot resist the urge to ask, ask and ask yet again.”

We say, keep it simple! Ask in a way that respects people’s time. Respond like lightning.

Companies all over the world are investigating new ways of assessing customer happiness without adding burden.

BT Conferencing are using Customer Thermometer to assess customer satisfaction in a single click, to enable them to act swiftly and keep customer overhead at a minimum.

Information Age says the same about Eurostar: “Until recently, its process for monitoring the satisfaction of those passengers was slow, with reports compiled quarterly making it hard for customer intelligence team to respond to issues in a meaningful way.” Eurostar’s customer intelligence manager, Chris Haynes, said “We wanted to get customer satisfaction information through much more quickly… most people aren’t using our services every week, so if our customers don’t like their experience, that may be the last we see of them. If we only find out about bad scores every quarter, there’s not very much we can do about it.”

We hear this again and again from our customers – who love Customer Thermometer because it allows them to check how they are doing without wasting customers’ time.

As a first time user said to us the other day “this is the first survey I’ve responded to in years, because you make it fun and you make it easy.”