Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is becoming increasingly hard to get in any representative way. The traditional customer survey now gets sub 2% response rates. Tweets, Facebook posts, review sites, likes and shares are all very well, but often it’s only the customers who shout the loudest (often those who’ve had a bad experience) who get heard.

We created Customer Thermometer to tackle exactly this problem. We are dedicated to sourcing the fastest and most accurate picture of how your customers feel without bothering them. In this section we’ve collected our best articles on the changing face of customer feedback, and how to navigate it.


5 ways you could lose your biggest client without knowing it

A short survey can save you a lot of trouble Big clients, especially in the B2B world, can be a blessing and a curse. Whilst they bring in chunky revenue and provide a real focus for product or service development they can also be the cause…

Why crowdsourcing customer feedback doesn’t always work

Crowdsourcing customer feedback Crowdsourcing, the concept of giving a task to a crowd to complete (most often using online tools) has been around for 4 years now, and has recently spawned the term 'communitysourcing'. Communitysourcing takes…

Why “permission feedback” is the future of customer satisfaction

ALl about permission feedback Traditional methods of getting feedback from customers make it difficult for the customer and easy for the supplier. If the customer is absolutely determined to give good or bad feedback, they will fill in…