Customer Retention

There’s an often-told story about a salesman in a department store who was deeply unhelpful and rude to a customer when he saw that they only wanted to buy a $13 item. However, when that salesman’s manager looked into the value that customer had spent in the life of their relationship with the store however, it ran into the tens of thousands of dollars.

In this section on customer retention, we have some superb content which will help you really understand what drives retention (it’s not always what you think). We debunk the myth that wowing customers is what it’s all about and we provide useful assets and downloads to help your customer retention efforts succeed.

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On-Brand Customer Feedback Survey Icon Ideas Your Customers Will Love

Businesses strive to deliver a great customer experience that’s unique to their brand. That means bringing the brand into every customer touchpoint – including when collecting customer feedback. Even here, there are cool things you can do…
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5 Inspiring TED Talks to Drive Customer Success

TED stands for ‘technology, entertainment, design’, which covers a hell of a lot. TED Talks are each roughly 12–18 minutes of expert insight and inspiration.  We love all TED Talks, and we’re not alone. Today’s back catalogue of…
how to sustain customer loyalty customer feedback solution satisfaction
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4 Foolproof Ways To Increase Customer Loyalty

You’ve worked hard to build a valuable, loyal customer base, and you don’t want to lose it. Churn is never good. But sustaining loyalty and customer retention is not as easy as just providing good service. Want to know how to measure, maintain…
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7 Steps to dominate B2B Customer Experience

B2C (business to consumer) organizations have been proactively managing customer experience for many years. Think of the restaurant or the retail store. You can go back more than a century for evidence of B2C outfits harnessing CX for business…
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5 Actionable Steps to Achieving Customer Excellence

Great customer service is widely recognized as one of the key customer experience factors influencing brand loyalty. But customer excellence must also be acknowledged as having a major influence. Customer excellence is always doing and being…

Enterprise Feedback Management: Everything You Need to Know & More

Customers interact with businesses, organizations and suppliers via multiple channels. Email, phone, social media, chat, mobile apps, SMS, face-to-face – are all used for customer feedback and interaction. People also leave online reviews…
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20 Brilliant Customer Feedback Quotes

Looking for new and useful customer feedback quotes for your next presentation or blog post? Customer feedback is taking centre stage. Customers have more ways than ever of getting in touch with the businesses that serve them. From social…
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Quick Survey Ideas and Examples to Engage Customers

Sometimes you just want to send a quick survey to your customers, staff or partners. You might want to get a snapshot of how people feel about your product or service, super fast. Or you might want to ask people something regularly, so…
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The Behaviour Business: Book Review

We all know that if we can influence customers' behaviour, we stand a better chance of succeeding in our business goals. In order to understand the science of customer behaviour, especially in digital environments, this month we read, "The…
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Top 5 Customer Experience Strategy Best Practices with Matt Watkinson

Ever get the feeling that customer experience strategy is an intellectual battle? Or that your company’s customer experience strategy would be better if only you had grander plans and bigger budgets? Well, stop. Nothing could be further from…
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How To Get Customer Feedback From The Emails You Are Already Sending

“The reports of email’s demise have been greatly exaggerated,” Mark Twain might have said. Email is the big daddy of business communications. More and more are sent every year despite repeated predictions to the contrary. Whatever gets…
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How to respond to negative feedback

You can’t please all the people all the time. Negative feedback is a fact of life, even for businesses that provide great CX. Sadly, it can take its toll on customer-facing staff and even drain your resources disproportionately. Take social…