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Want to track down the very best customer retention TED talks? It can be tricky – TED talks are known for being extremely wide-ranging in their subject matter. So we’ve curated the very best customer retention talks here in one place.

We love listening to experts via the TED platform. It’s always thought-provoking and the format makes it easy to gain great insight for only a few minutes’ attention in return.

We refer back to these time and again at Customer Thermometer, so we’ve collated our favorites and described them below, so you can get a peek into what the talk’s all about before you dive in.

Enjoy! And please feel free to suggest your personal TED faves in the comments:

Best 5  customer retention TED talks

What if customers become friends? Steven van Belleghem – TEDxEde

Why is customer loyalty decreasing? Because companies are focussing on acquisition, and allowing existing customer relationships to crumble. Steven van Belleghem dreams of companies forming ‘friendships’ with their customers, and making it personal. If you do business with the heart, you will have the most loyal customers ever.

How to use others’ feedback to learn and grow: Sheila Heen – TEDxAmoskeagMillyardWomen

Understanding how your customers feel about your company is critical if you want to avoid losing them. Asking for feedback is the first step, but knowing how to receive and assess that feedback is vital. In this talk, Sheila Heen, a lecturer at Harvard Law School, explains some of the things that influence the way in which we handle feedback as individuals, and how we can learn to receive it effectively and use it to enhance our performance.

Transparent customer service: Andy Porter – TEDxSkagitValley

In order for your customer feedback process to really deliver results, Andy Porter believes that you need to embrace transparency. Gather as much feedback as you can, and ensure you have a process for sharing comments (positive and negative) with the team. A culture of openness and trust will enable you to make the most of the feedback you receive.

A search for loyalty: John Story – TEDxTAMU

Even a customer who likes a brand, has received good service, and intends to stay loyal, can be ‘distracted’ and lured away by a competitor. The key to stopping your customers from succumbing to that distraction, is building strong relationships with them. Dr. John Story tells us that to retain customers, companies must go above and beyond the normal level of good customer service to build a bond of trust that will keep customers happy and truly loyal.

Meaningful Micro-engagements: Jeannie Walters – TEDxNaperville

Often it’s the small things that make a big difference. If you’re working hard on your customer retention strategy, don’t just look at the big picture – Jeannie Walters reminds us that it’s vital to pay attention to every aspect of every interaction that you have with your customers. A lack of attention to a seemingly tiny detail, can quickly set off a domino effect of discontent.

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