Jack Brunsdon Magazine

We live in a world where creating great, shareable content  become an essential part of the marketing and sales process. Whether online or offline, you are more likely to get noticed if you are producing articles of interest to your potential customers as well as your existing ones.

Last week, we took a trip to see one of our customers, Jack Brunsdon, as they had kindly agreed to become a case study for us (you’ll be able to see this video in the next month or so). While we were filming in their showroom, we noticed a pile of beautifully produced magazines. We got talking to them about the publication.

There’s an article in their current edition all about customer email feedback and why it’s so important to them as a business. The clever thing about it, is that whilst it’s an interesting read, it’s also extolling the virtues of their own customer service stats (which are excellent of course) and so helps to sell their services at the same time.

What’s also fascinating is that they’ve been asking and gathering feedback for over 50 years. Whilst the mechanism may have changed (they now use and love Customer Thermometer) the principles of gathering email feedback have not. What has changed however is the ease at which customer stories can now be published and distributed, which is exactly what they’re doing.

We’ve heard of other customers publishing the feedback and comments left via Customer Thermometer on their testimonial pages – and wonder if it’s something you’ve thought of doing?

Click the article below to view the detail.

Creating stories around feedback