How to cut your client attrition rate in halfRecently, we received one of those emails you dream of receiving from a customer of Customer Thermometer. It said:

“I must say I absolutely love your program – I think you’ve changed the very future of my company! Thanks! “

Whatever you do, whatever your product or service, that is a great email to receive. We wanted to know more.

So, I got on the phone to Laura Smith, founder and managing director of All Star Cleaning Services to find out why she had said that, how she’d been using Customer Thermometer and she was kind enough to agree to share her story.

If you run a business you WILL want to listen to her experiences. It fascinated us – I hope it fascinates you.

The highlights

If you’ve only got a few moments. Here are the highlights of the conversation – it’s where we took the title of this blog post from – because it’s what’s happened to Laura.

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Traditional methods weren’t working

It wasn’t the first time Laura had tried to measure customer satisfaction. She had used more other systems, like so many other people do. In her own words, the system was ‘flawed’. If you’re not using Customer Thermometer, you may want to find out what she has to say about using more traditional methods.

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Customer attrition issues

Why does she need to use any form of customer satisfaction survey or tool? Why is it so important to her business? I got some fascinating answers to these questions. Have you ever thought about how much your business could grow if you stopped customers leaving at the same time you’re recruiting new ones? Laura really understands her numbers and in the piece below talks about the importance of stopping customer attrition.

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Staff reaction to using the service

So, it’s all well and good putting in a customer satisfaction system, but one of my burning questions was about its effect on staff. We’ve seen it work really well with many companies – but how would cleaning staff feel about being ‘checked up on’? Would they embrace it, or would they hate it.

For me, this is one of the highlights of the interview as Laura explains how her team have reacted. The Customer Thermometer on their office wall says it all. See what she has to say…

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Experiences of using Customer Thermometer

Now you’ve heard all about the effect it’s had on Laura’s business, the final part of the interview was all about her experience of using the service. I was keen to find out how easy she found it to use, and what it’s like receiving that first click. I’m sure she won’t mind me revealing (as she does in the MP3 below) that the dashboard is open all day in the office, waiting for those responses to come in and getting genuinely excited when they do!

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What about you?

It’s powerful stuff isn’t it? For us at Customer Thermometer HQ, it was so inspiring to hear of such stories. We hope you enjoy what Laura has to say. If you’d like to talk to us about how you use the service, we would love to hear from you. Drop me a line at

Oh, and Laura – thank you!