Customer Retention

There’s an often-told story about a salesman in a department store who was deeply unhelpful and rude to a customer when he saw that they only wanted to buy a $13 item. However, when that salesman’s manager looked into the value that customer had spent in the life of their relationship with the store however, it ran into the tens of thousands of dollars.

In this section on customer retention, we have some superb content which will help you really understand what drives retention (it’s not always what you think). We debunk the myth that wowing customers is what it’s all about and we provide useful assets and downloads to help your customer retention efforts succeed.

Intermational Business Times Survey Feedback Article

Email feedback - via International Business Times

The International Business Times has just featured an article in its Companies section written by Customer Thermometer, called Why Bad Customer Feedback is Good For Business. The article explains why generation Z customers are more time-poor…
Jack Brunsdon Magazine

Creating stories around your email feedback

We live in a world where creating great, shareable content  become an essential part of the marketing and sales process. Whether online or offline, you are more likely to get noticed if you are producing articles of interest to your potential…
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30 smartest customer service moves

Marketing brings in sales, but only great customer service can create customers. Customer service is now the major arbiter of reputation, so you need to make sure it's both top notch and innovative. To help you on your way, we've collated 30 of…
BT case study
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Customer case study: Why BT Conferencing uses Customer Thermometer

BT Conferencing (part of the previously named British Telecom in the UK) counts nearly a quarter of the Fortune 100 amongst its customers. Some of their customers use up to 70 million minutes per month of conferencing time, so it's critical…
Measure customer journey
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How to measure customer journey satisfaction - without hassling your customers

"Measuring satisfaction on customer journeys is 30% more predictive of overall customer satisfaction than measuring happiness for an individual interaction" said McKinsey this week. This stands to reason. Customers are all interacting with…
Customer Success Sign
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How to keep your customers once the recession ends

In 2009, John Quelch of Harvard Business School wrote a watershed article for the Harvard Business Review, describing how customer behaviour changes dramatically in a recession. He explained how there are 4 different kinds of buyers - 'slam-on-the-brakes',…
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Getting low average online survey response rates?

Are your average survey response rates worryingly low? Are you looking for a way to improve them? There have been a flurry of articles on so-called 'survey fatigue' recently, ranging from Information Week to the New York Times. These articles…
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Customer Thermometer College launches today

We are pleased to announce the launch of Customer Thermometer's free online college today. The college features bite-sized video training on all aspects of using Customer Thermometer, from creating email surveys that generate great responses,…

How to cut your client attrition rate in half. In 2 months.

Recently, we received one of those emails you dream of receiving from a customer of Customer Thermometer. It said: "I must say I absolutely love your program - I think you've changed the very future of my company! Thanks! " Whatever you do,…
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Ask bland questions? You'll get pointless results.

I recently met with a large residential cleaning company. They had been running an online customer satisfaction survey every year for 3 years and wanted to find a new way of doing things. In the spirit of co-operation, they shared their…

2 min takeaways: next-day countdown (Kiddicare)

A great example of excellence in customer service Here's a great little idea for anyone serving customers online. Why not have an online countdown showing how long the customer has left in the day before the next-day delivery option expires? Kiddicare,…
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Customer experience ideas in 2 minutes: Stew Leonard's thankyou notes

Seth Godin's book Purple Cow has a case study on Stew Leonard's grocery store. Stew, the owner, had a comments box by the door. Whenever a customer put a comment into the box, Stew would personally write them a note to say thank you. On the…