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Customer Thermometer is simple for any Managed Service Provider (MSP), Value-Added Reseller (VAR) and Microsoft Cloud Service Provider (CSP) to sell and distribute.

It also offers easy additional SaaS revenue from every customer email signature or PSA/CRM system integration.

What is Customer Thermometer?

We are the IT Services, Support and MSP customer feedback specialists. We specialize in getting feedback from the heart of customer touchpoints by embedding feedback buttons into emails and tickets.


64% of channel partners say services sold on a recurring revenue basis are their best growth drivers

(Barracuda MSP Research)

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Friction-free surveys

No more click this link or extra emails. A smooth part of your user journey designed to max your reponse rate.

As IT Services businesses and MSPs increasingly focus on getting and keeping subscription revenue, understanding customer satisfaction in a light-touch way is critical. It’s these fast-paced, volume-ticket environments where Customer Thermometer is at its most effective.

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    Gartner predicts that 89% of businesses are expected to compete mainly on customer experience

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    Customer Thermometer +

    By joining our channel partner program you can bundle our 1-click feedback solution with Office 365, G Suite, ConnectWise, ServiceNow, Kaseya, Salesforce, Zendesk and dozens more. Thereby offering your customers the ability to sense and respond to customer feedback in real-time, keeping churn as low as possible.

    Help your customers get feedback from any service emails they send.

    See your CSAT or NPS data cut by any variables you hold in your CRM, Service Desk or 3rd party system. Product line, contact center, service line, agent, anything!

    Measuring value and delivering it too

    With Customer Thermometer, The 20 has a tool that both measures value to MSPs and delivers it. This is critically important to a business that hangs its hat on creating, implementing and continuously improving a proven model for MSP growth excellence.

    The 20 and Customer Thermometer

    “It’s definitely a partner relationship we have with Customer Thermometer, rather than vendor/customer. There’s trust and a good degree of honesty — if there’s something we want changed, Customer Thermometer gets it done. They made the Kaseya integration easy, and right now we’re working through some improvements to the data visualisation so it gives us exactly what we need.”

    “It’s an incredibly powerful product that just happens to be very simple. It’s well crafted and well integrated and brings a lot of value to our business. What else is there to say?”

    Read how The 20 Group of MSPs is using and distributing Customer Thermometer…

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    Book a call and get hold of our reseller pack. We’re here to support you with marketing, assets and information.