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Webinars are a succinct and easy way to find out more about a topic that might otherwise seem a bit daunting! We think customer success – which is becoming increasingly pertinent – is just the type. You might already know about customer satisfaction, or customer experience, but it’s time to get up to speed with CS.

We’ve gathered some of our favorite customer success webinars to help explain some more about anything from basic principles, customer experience management and customer churn. If you are getting to grips with Customer Success, these will help enormously.

1) Customer Success: What it is and Why it matters

This brief, 3.5 minute video provides an excellent, succinct definition for Customer Success and why it matters. This video is part of a Hubspot academy free lesson on Customer Success and Account Health Checks.

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2) How to Ace Your Customer Success Manager Interview

Jeff Lowenstein from Strikedeck along with Paul Reeves from Tokbox talk about what you need to do to succeed in a Customer Success Manager interview. The 55 minute webinar covers everything needed to give yourself the best chance of being hired as a customer success manager.

3) Customer Success Automation: To Automate or Not to Automate

Rach SebellShavit, who is director of customer success at Kaviyo, calls upon her extensive experience to describe how to know if Customer Success Automation is right for you, the potential scope for automation along with what we often get wrong in automation.

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4) Customer Success Automation: What, Why, How and When

Mark Pecoraro, principal at CS Leadership, provides firsthand insights into how to exceed customer expectations using customer success automation. He talks about the tools that might be used, what aspects of customer success management should be automated and how to develop the right processes to drive desired customer outcomes.

5) Measuring Success: Metrics, Outcomes and Best Practices

In this Totango Webinar Kevin O’Came and Anne Ting talk about the customer success metrics that are important along with customer success management best practices. Totango webinar events are always excellent and highly recommended for anyone interested in Customer Success.

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6) Top 6 Trends in Customer Success

In this video Dave Blake, Founder and CEO of ClientSuccess and the CS100 Summit, along with Mark Stoddard, VP of Sales & Marketing, identify the most important trends happening in Customer Success and tell you how to implement them with your team.

7) From Customer Success to Value Realization

In this session Max Long, SVP Adobe Customer Solutions, says that too often we are talking about Customer Success based on internal metrics related to upselling and cross selling when Customer Success should really reflect value realization for the customer.

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8) The Real Impact of Improving Retention and Customer Success Best Practices

Rob Belcher – MD at SaaS Capital and You Mon Tsang, CEO ChurnZero talk about the absolute importance of customer retention and the tangible impact of improvement. The presentation includes some useful Customer Success best practices.

9) User Onboarding Emails that Drive Customer Success

In this 60 minute webinar Alli Blum, an SaaS onboarding expert and conversion copywriter, shares her valuable strategies for designing an onboarding email sequence that delivers more paying customers.

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10) Answering Your Biggest Churn Questions

In this Amity webinar Vikram Bhaskaran from ChargeBee talks about churn. A number of challenging questions related to churn and customer retention are tackled and some practical strategies and tactics to reduce churn are presented.

Customer Success Webinar Resources

These selected customer success webinars and videos are only a small selection from the extensive resources currently available. If you’re seeking further webinars on customer success and related topics here are some useful resources.

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