5 Excellent Customer Success Podcasts

We’re continuing our series on Customer Success; today focusing on podcasts. They’re a format which fits neatly into our busy lives, and the sheer breadth and wealth of content that’s now available in podcast format covers some excellent business content.

Here is a short list of some of the most interesting, engaging and informative podcasts on the subject of Customer Success that we have recommend having a listen to.

Customer Success Podcast

The Customer Success Podcast is hosted by Allison Pickens who is Chief Customer Officer at Gainsight, a leading Customer Success platform provider. The podcast provides valuable insight and best practice guidance alongside interesting stories and perspectives. Many of the podcasts are from notable special guests including Nick Mehta, Geoffrey Moore, Somit Goyal and other luminaries in the world of Customer Success and Customer Experience.

Strikedeck Radio

Strikedeck radio is a podcast hosted by Kristen Hayer, the founder of The Success League, a Customer Success consulting firm. Podcast episodes are interviews with various leaders and influencers in Customer Success who have happily shared details of their experiences, their best practices and plenty of valuable insight.

Ramp from InsightSquared

The Ramp podcast is hosted by Cara Hogan who interviews thought leaders, sales experts and data analysts to understand how analytics be used to drive SaaS business. The podcast is very much focused on SaaS analytics and how businesses are using data for transformation and growth.

This is CX

This is CX is a podcast, hosted by Mike Manfredo and Paul Hagen, that’s not surprisingly focused upon “customer experience”. Mike and Paul are joined by various knowledgeable professionals, discussing all aspects of customer experience and providing plenty of actionable takeaways for CX leaders and practitioners.


Hosted by Angela Ngo, Rachel English and Tom Krackeler this podcast, dedicated to the “Subscription Economy” talks to notable innovators, analysts and entrepreneurs about the development of the recurring revenue model. Listen to these podcasts to learn more about subscriber acquisition, the impact of digital disruption, SaaS and more.

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