7 Top Customer Success Blogs

Customer success has been an important trending topic for over 5 years. There is no doubt that, as we move increasingly toward a subscription economy, understanding the factors affecting customer success is essential to retain those valuable customers. Here’s how Google Trends reports search growth for the query ‘customer success’ in the USA over the past 5 years.

Customer Success Google Trend

In order to maximise customer retention practical customer success strategies need to be devised and established that will ensure customer experience remains excellent throughout the customer life-cycle. Luckily there is a wealth of actionable guidance in the blogosphere to help businesses and organisations implement their own customer success initiatives. Here we’ve selected a shortlist of blogs which we like to read and monitor for the best customer success guidance available today.


Customer Success Box is a customer success management platform which has attracted excellent reviews from early adopters. As well as their actionable customer success platform they provide a widely respected blog. Here are some of our favourite posts from the blog.

The Customer Success Directory

The Customer Success Directory is provided from the Customer Success Association. Established in 2012 the association now has over 36,000 members. Their goal is to provide access to the most relevant customer success related information and support networking.

Their excellent directory is divided into multiple information categories: knowledge, resources, services and technology. Here are just a few selected articles from this excellent resource.


Gainsight describe themselves as ‘The Customer Success Company’. It’s therefore not surprising to find some excellent customer success articles on their site. Here are a few of our selected favourites, but we recommend you pay a visit to this excellent resource and read around.


Natero.com offer a suite of customer success products and services aimed at helping customer success managers focus their attention on accounts that need it. Their system provides real time alerts that can help minimize customer churn and maximise retention. They also offer an excellent blog which presents some great posts. Here are some which we’ve appreciated.


The UserIQ platform is intended to enable businesses to exceed their customer’s needs in order to drive customer success. The business was established in 2014 and their platform has consistently attracted very positive reviews.

As well as their software platform they offer an excellent blog, publishing some very helpful and informative articles. Here are some which we’ve found useful.


We particularly enjoy reading the excellent posts published from the Churnzero.net blog. Articles by Cori Pearce are always well researched, beautifully composed and easy to read. Here are a handful which we think you will appreciate.


ClientSuccess is another customer success software platform that helps customer success managers and teams retain and expand their client bases. The site offers an excellent blog publishing posts on a variety of customer success and retention topics alongside webinars and mentor stories. Here are just a few blog posts which we recommend.

The thinking, research and science regarding customer success is constantly evolving so its a good idea to monitor your favorite blogs and keep up to date.

If you want more feedback from your customers to help drive your Customer Success strategy, give Customer Thermometer a go. You can even send yourself an example here:

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