Do you have a strategy for dealing with your satisfied customers?

Whilst most companies have strategies and processes for handling complaints, very few focus on what to do with the customers who rave about them.

Your happiest customers are your best source of referral, word of mouth, case study material and ideas for new products and services.

Often, the biggest problem can be how to find delighted customers in the first place. Many of them will be delighted without ever telling you. Customers struggle to find time to complain, never mind praise!

A customer satisfaction survey tool like Customer Thermometer, which crucially allows you to see, in real-time, who has said what, is invaluable in tracking, rewarding and using your best customers. Imagine what you could do with real-time data like this:

For example, how about approaching the gold star respondents for a case study, asking the green respondents what it would take for them to hit a gold star. The amber and red respondents can be contacted immediately to rectify their issue. It’s little wonder that one of our customers recently said, “the power of Customer Thermometer when used in a real-time environment is just awesome.”

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