Client satisfaction is key for any business

How can you satisfy you current clientele?

You’re making it far too hard for clients to tell you how they feel.


How about the all-too-often postponed annual client satisfaction survey? The lengthy web surveys that never get filled out? The feedback forms that are so full of tick boxes that no psotive action is every taken to make things better for the client?

It all adds up to this: busy clients with valuable opinions within your key accounts don’t have a voice. If dissatisfaction with your service creeps in, are you sure that they are telling you? Research shows that unless you make it quick and easy for them (and encourage feedback) most clients won’t bother. Instead they will assume that your standards are slipping and vote with their feet. By the time you know about it, it’s too late. They’re gone.

And what about the customers who rave about you? Who want you to know how much they think of you. Who want to refer you on and buy more from you. Rewarding this advocacy is important. Miss it and you miss out.

What if there was a way of always knowing how they felt? Of constantly taking their temperature in a quick and painless way? Of being notified of unhappy customers and acting swiftly on the results?

Well now there is… Customer Thermometer is a beautifully designed traffic light email, a customer alert system and a mini-customer satisfaction system all rolled into one.

All for only $17 per month. Take a tour here. The account is free and comes with 50 trial emails so you can check it out before you buy.

Brilliant customer service is just one click away.