Every business makes mistakes.

But mistakes don’t affect client retention as much as you might think. In fact, many surveys show that clients who’ve experienced poor service or mistakes can actually be more loyal in the long run provided the business has gone above and beyond to fix it.

The big problem for many businesses, especially those in B2B, is that they don’t always know when they’ve made a mistake.

Upwards of 90% of clients never bother to complain, they just make quiet plans to walk away. Why?:

  • In a B2B world, there’s typically no warning from Twitter or social media.
  • Corporate buyers wielding important and confidential contracts don’t often let the world know about service failure! It’s their job on the line too and they don’t want to be associated with a poor choice of supplier.
  • Lengthy online client satisfaction surveys are rarely filled in by genuinely time-poor, busy senior clients. Annual client surveys often get bumped and/or they take place at the wrong time of year to capture mistakes that are being made now.

So how to be psychic? How can you know when clients are unhappy and act to correct the problem?

Customer Thermometer is a brand new client survey tool, built specifically to tackle this problem…  It takes your clients’ temperatures as regularly as you need it to, in a light-touch way, so that you can act accordingly.

Why not take a look at how it works, here’s a short overview.

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  1. K Donlin
    K Donlin says:

    Outstanding! I’ve been looking for a graph like this my whole business life. Because, even though I’m a copywriter and marketing strategist, customer service is also marketing. In fact, everything is marketing :-)

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