Customer Service

Customer service used to be just a single department in most organizations. Those days are long gone, and now good customer service and customer centricity are the mantras of many of the world’s largest businesses. With competition for customers fiercer than ever, this makes a lot of sense.

It’s often said that leading companies focus their energies on the problems that buyers are willing to spend money to solve, rather than on selling more or worrying about the competition. In this section, we provide a wealth of articles that focus on exactly that. Here you’ll find features on delivering great service for your customers, book reviews on some of the newest texts and lists of awesome resources you can use to turbo-charge your customer centric approach.

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2023 CX trends and predictions roundup for the future of customer experience

The annual Customer Thermometer meta analysis of trending topics is back. Here, we draw on an extensive assessment of 2023 analyst predictions and expert views to pick out the mega trends that will influence customer experience in the year ahead. The…

Service Desk Masterclass: Industry Experts Share Secrets, Strategies and Predictions

The service desk is critical to how many organizations deliver their customer experience. It’s why over 10,000 service desks around the world choose Customer Thermometer to drive their customer feedback programs. It also explains why we…
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The 4 Biggest Consumer And Customer Experience Trends Set To Dominate 2022

We’ve done a meta analysis of the various 2022 industry predictions so you don’t have to.  As you might expect, we’ve had to review tons of analyst papers, blogs and research data. Check out the links to go into more detail for yourself.…
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10 Great Customer Service Skills You Need To Know

Optimizing the quality of your customer service is critical to success. That means building and nurturing great customer service skills. Customer service skills remain vital even as automation and self-service continues to rise. In fact,…
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On-Brand Customer Feedback Survey Icon Ideas Your Customers Will Love

Businesses strive to deliver a great customer experience that’s unique to their brand. That means bringing the brand into every customer touchpoint – including when collecting customer feedback. Even here, there are cool things you can do…
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5 Inspiring TED Talks to Drive Customer Success

TED stands for ‘technology, entertainment, design’, which covers a hell of a lot. TED Talks are each roughly 12–18 minutes of expert insight and inspiration.  We love all TED Talks, and we’re not alone. Today’s back catalogue of…
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5 Actionable Steps to Achieving Customer Excellence

Great customer service is widely recognized as one of the key customer experience factors influencing brand loyalty. But customer excellence must also be acknowledged as having a major influence. Customer excellence is always doing and being…
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7 Customer Service KPIs You Need to Track

Tracking the right customer service KPIs is vital. But modern helpdesk software suites are often guilty of information overload. Among the bewildering morass of data enabling you to track a multitude of customer service metrics, which should…
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Asking for feedback by email

Do you need to create a great feedback email? Are you looking to change the way you get responses from emails you send regularly? Do you need to gather feedback from a large number of customers and staff in a simple and quick way or maybe you…
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How To Get Customer Feedback From The Emails You Are Already Sending

“The reports of email’s demise have been greatly exaggerated,” Mark Twain might have said. Email is the big daddy of business communications. More and more are sent every year despite repeated predictions to the contrary. Whatever gets…
Customer Satisfaction dial
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5 Easy Ways To Improve Your Customer Satisfaction Score

Understanding your customer satisfaction score (CSAT) is just the start... Not the end. We have the gloriously named Santorio Santorio to thank for the invention of the thermometer in about 1625. Prior to that, there was no consistent or…
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How to respond to negative feedback

You can’t please all the people all the time. Negative feedback is a fact of life, even for businesses that provide great CX. Sadly, it can take its toll on customer-facing staff and even drain your resources disproportionately. Take social…