Customer Experience Ideas

Welcome to the first in Customer Thermometer’s “2 minute CEM” – ideas you can quickly implement to improve the experience of your customers.

For our first idea, we’ve taken inspiration from one of the gurus of customer service, Dr Paddi Lund. He came up with the idea of creating a welcome book to give to your customers when they first do business with you.

Paddi Lund is a dentist, and his welcome book addresses the common concerns of coming to a new business for the first time. It also describes his key services and focuses on the things he does  that differentiates him from others in his industry. Finally, he describes the ‘rules’ of the relationship and sets out how he sees working together.

This is so much more than “introductory information”.

It allows him to surprise people, makes his business remarkable and kicks off the relationship at the right level. Just the fact that he offers a welcome book sets him apart from other dentists.

Give it 5 minutes’ thought today – how could you use this concept in your business?